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I don't know anyone who isn't a fan of the LEGO Video Games series. My dad, who has never had any interest in playing video games, loves Lego Star Wars for instance. They aren't too complicated puzzle or control wise, and they involve all of the biggest and best franchises. I, personally, LOVE Lego games. Because of this, and the release of Lego Marvel's Avengers on January 26 (pre-order available now including the deluxe addition) I wanted to share my top five favorite Lego games of all time.

5: Lego Star Wars: The Video Game

Though this wasn't the first Lego game ever created, it was the game that made this series more mainstream. It followed the story of the original Star Wars movies and included only 59 playable characters (Lego Avengers is supposed to have 250+). This game started it all and was my first console game which I played with my babysitter (It was 2005 you guys. That was 11 years ago. I feel old).

4: Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues

This was the first Lego game with multiple hubs (a predecessor to "Avengers" which will have 8 open world hubs). This involved all 4 Indy movies and tones of fun characters and vehicles. It's a classic and if you see it used in GameStop I highly suggest you try it out.

3: Lego Batman: The Video Game

This game introduced us to Lego superheroes. It was insanely fun and was the first Lego game to have characters with multiple suits. There were also missions to play as the villains which was new and pretty unique.

2: Lego Marvel Superheroes

The name says it all right? It's got a great story, fun game-play and controls, and a huge open world hub of Manhattan. What's not to love?

1: Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

This is my personal favorite of all of the Lego games. It was before voice-over so we just got funny little grunts instead of words from the characters. The Lego aspect added humor and whimsy to a franchise which is over-all serious. Most important of all: you could start Lego Star Wars character bar-fights. When you attack someone in the Mos Eisley Cantina Hub, everyone starts brawling and attacking you. It's just very, very fun. Enough said.

From what I've seen of "Avengers", it's shaping up to break into my top 5. It looks like many devoted people have put many man hours into this game, a game, I might add, that's fun for young and old despite that it's designed for kids.


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