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I try my best to make the best fanart I can that everyone can enjoy!
Anon Eversence Mous
Thank you for everything, Sparky. I'm glad we got to train together at the guild... I'm glad we got to go on adventures together... I'm glad...I got to know you, Sparky. ... I'm sorry. I'm so lucky that you were my friend... ... Sparky. Even after I disappear from here... I will never forget you...

M'kay, so I chose a long set of quotes, but those are some of the player's pokemon's (Flaire the Cyndaquil for me, at least) last words. I know, I know, the picture's not completely game accurate. I worked on it for a long time, though. I like it how it is. Anyway, I would like to take a moment to say that my family is taking a trip and we'll be back a week from Tuesday. Hopefully this will be enough to hold y'all over until I can get page six of Banana Phone done. Enjoy!

On an entirely bizarre side note, Microsoft Family Safety is blocking the picture that I created.


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