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2015 was an exceptional year for the stealth genre in video games. Why? [Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain](tag:2683985), that's why! Hideo Kojima released one of the greatest stealth games of all time on September 1st, and though its narrative suffered under the weight of Konami's oppressive rule, The Phantom Pain still features some of the greatest gameplay I've ever engaged with.

Can 2016 top Kojima's final Metal Gear Solid game? Can the stealth genre live up to the achievements of this sensational auteur? Well, the lineup is already fairly impressive. However, the two biggest stealth games of 2016 are arguably Square Enix's [Hitman (2016)](tag:3677378), and Arkane Studios' Dishonoured 2.

Hitman Vs Dishonored 2 For Stealth Game Of 2016


The Hitman series has a reputation for excellence. The series has offered gamers the opportunity to carry out various assassinations in ways that challenge their creativity (and sadistic nature). Hitman: Absolution wasn't everyone's favorite entry into the franchise, but with Hitman, Square Enix seem to be creating a game that'll give fans the power to create the Hitman assassinations they've always dreamed of.

In the next game, we'll be able to explore areas that are 6 to 7 times larger than the biggest maps in Hitman: Absolution. Square Enix are also bringing the game's design closer to that of Hitman: Blood Money (my favorite entry in the franchise). Additionally, Square Enix have thankfully dropped the checkpoint system of Absolution and will allow players to save at any time as they interact with over 300 NPCs in one map. Can't wait!

Dishonored 2
Dishonored 2

On the other hand, we have the sequel to one of modern gaming's surprise hits, Dishonored from 2012. This is an exceptional stealth action-adventure, one that is worthy of several replays! The abilities your character possesses and the engaging story you navigate were the highlights of a remarkable new IP, and Arkane Studios have promised some exciting innovations upon the first game's framework for Dishonored 2.

After playing as Empress Emily Kaldwin during the prologue of the game; players can decide whether to play as either Kaldwin or Corvo Attano - the princess and the protagonist from the previous game. Once again, you can venture through the entire game without killing anyone but your targets, but there's apparently a third path to take in Dishonored 2 that we know nothing about. What new options lie ahead for us in one of the most anticipated titles for 2016?

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But which of these stealth games has you most excited? Are you an avid fan of the Hitman franchise? Or has Dishonored captured your attention like no other stealth game? Or is there another stealth game out there that you can't wait to engage with? Let us know in the comments below!


Which stealth game has your vote?


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