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Star Wars The Force Awakens took me by storm and left me with one big question. Who is Rey's father?

At first i thought it would be Han Solo because how cool would it be if the main good guy's brother was the main bad guy? (Rey being sister to Kylo Ren) but then i watched the movie two more times and it doesn't fit because both Leia and Han call her the "the girl" instead of Rey.

So I shot that idea down. Then i thought Luke, but wouldn't Leia and Han have known? Unless Luke kept Rey a secret.

Remember back in the second teaser trailer, sometime in spring? If I recall, I can remember Luke Skywalker, talking to someone about how the force is strong with his family, he has it, his father had it, his sister has it, "you have that power too."

Obviously now that the movie came out we know for certain that Luke was in fact talking to Rey as she is the only other force sensitive in the movie besides Kylo Ren. And why else would Luke be talking about his family if she wasn't in it.

This would mean that Star Wars VIII would have a parallel to Star Wars V when Darth Vader reveals himself as Luke Skywalkers father. Now it's Lukes turn to say those iconic words.

So if Luke Skywalker is Reys father, why would he leave her on Jakku? I think it's because he sensed much fear in Ben Solo or (Ben Organa, that was never quite clear) so he sent his daughter away knowing that she would be safe, from her cousin if he ever was seduced by the dark side (which he was)

What kind of out come do you think it will have on Rey if she finds out she is a skywalker? Who is her mother? Mara Jade? or some other new character? do you think that the quotes we heard in the teaser were pulled right out of episode VII, having that it was never in the movie? Or do you think i'm crazy about this? Let me know in the comments, seriously guys that's something that my family should know about.


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