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A lot of gamers might not know, or might not care for Shadows of the Dammed. But this beloved by few video game, is a classic, and a cult gem in every right.

The game was developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and published by EA. The game was brought up by Goichi Suda( CEO of grasshopper manufacture).

and Shinji Mikami ( Resident Evil creator).

it was realease in 2011, nearly 5years and nothing has been said about the game. Didnt sell much, but it got amazing reviews from tons of reviewers. Whe i first heard of the game back in 2011, i thought it was a joke. a friend of mine in high insisted, for days that i needed to play it. I gave it a shot, and was blown away by the pure comedic, action packed insanity of the game. It is what a game should be all about, fun, entertaining, and kickass gameplay. It also has some very funny puzzles.

Even though Lolipop Chainsaw, is Grasshopper Manufacture's most succesfull game (by sale figures). This game is how ever the best game they have ever made. It deserves a sequel, better yet its own franchise. I doubt that Suda and Shinji will work on this project again. Because while they were working on the game, the publisher EA made the developer make drastic changes to the game over a number of times. and both had different visions for the game. Obvoiusly EA made certain choices that had to stay that way. It did work though. But bet Grasshopper or EA. One of the 2 has to bring this game back to life. i believe with right marketing, the game can get the attention it deserves. Have you played the game? If so wright your comment and let the gamers know what many missed out on. If you haven't played, well you know.

Still doesn't convince you on giving it a try??? Heres the gameplay of the game to make you Drool


Should shadows of the dammed come back?


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