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Mary Cabilin

You all probably heard the phrase "just do it" before, but has anyone considered to apply those words into their lives without thinking about failure tugging on their sleeves? People are reliant for instant gratification, and there's no doubt that I, myself rely on that as well. For everything that I have written, I always wonder who will like my writing, who will be inspired, and who can point out all my flaws. There's still fear within trying something brand new (as of right now, my heart hopes that Nike won't sue me for using their well known slogan or that Shia Labeouf's lawyers won't call me in for writing this article).

As the new year has arrived, everyone will search for resolutions they hope to accomplish or do anything that brings meaning to their 2016. Most of the ideas people have, fear is probably holding their hands tightly. In other cases, some are stuck inside fear's house; sitting with doubt and insecurity. One of my current favorite authors named Austin Kleon who's written STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST and SHOW YOUR WORK! suggested, that rather than seeking for perfection; defy perfection. Kleon drew "Be an amateur" on a page, saying that we shouldn't panic about being imperfect. Don't focus on being a pro at life or whatever you want to do just yet. You need to be a mess before you excel (If you're still a mess after achieving what you wanted to do, you're still winning at life). Mistakes will always exist among us; charge head first. Be a perfectionist who aims for imperfection. It's tiring to always sit in fear's house for too long. It's okay to tell fear that you have to go courage's place for a visit. Leave a voice mail to fear, that you won't come back any time sooner since you know you'll be better off with courage. It's the year where you don't have to fall back on fear telling you'll be okay staying in their home. You deserve an over supportive cheerleader and courage is waiting for you.

Now that you moved on from fear and you're smiling with courage beside you. Doesn't it feel great moving out of fear's old house? Of course not. You can't really move on that fast from a break up with something you have been accustomed with. That's why Jen Sincero, the sassiest author who's willing to spit the truth about living your life with her novel You Are A Badass. Sincero's hands are on your shoulders and her mouth speaks with ease, "Stay the course, because there's nothing cooler than watching your entire reality shift into one that is the perfect expression for you." Stay on the course of doing what you have been wanting to do. Sure fear has left you some tears but to be really really honest, you're the only one who can make decisions for yourself. Not your nagging relative, not your friend who states you're going to fuck up either way, and not your fears/doubts. Only you have the force to change your course in life. Listen to Sincero, who's only giving you the truth without the sugar coating. Have no pity for fear's sorrowful voice mails wanting you back. You know your mom is right for telling you that courage was better for you in the first place, you're still okay even if you were hardheaded. Through time, you'll get use to courage's softest touch than always hearing fear throw acidulous words at you.

For the new year, don't be scared to bring meaning to your life ( Shia has something to say if this article didn't motivate you in anyway). Just do it, be an amateur and be in love with the idea of making mistakes and learning from them. Take some punches and stand on your ground. Win all your matches this year, you got this in the bag.


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