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2015 was a great year for film. These are my personal favorite films of 2015

10. The Hateful Eight.

What's to be said about a QT film that hasn't been said before. This every Tarintnoism put in to one film and its glorious.

9. The Revenant.

Easily the best looking film of the year and even though it's extremely self indulgent I can't deny this film was kick- ass its also the most realistic portral of frontier violence I've ever scene.

8. Steve Jobs.

My word what a film. This year I was never in tune and captivated by a film with out the slightest bit of action then Steve Jobs. Yeah the third act does drag the slightest bit at the parking garage scene and the film never gets as amazing as the firing scene. That being said the rest of the film is near perfect and I don't want to write four page for slot so lets not get started on fassbender.

7. Sicario.

This film was defentily better the second time around and it made Bencio Del Toro cool again.

6. Kingsman The Secert Services.

I had some of the most fun Ive had this year with this film. (Also thanks moviepiolt for this pic)

5. Creed.

A great film. Yes It follows the same formula as the first film but it still holds its own

4. Ex Machina.

Man this film was crazy. Iam still at a lost for words to describe it and I saw this in April.

3. Mad Max Fury Road.

It pains me its this low on this list. This film had action heart and subtile performances that work for the film and it proves that you don't have to turn you brain if the film it actually good.

2. The Martian.

Ohh this movie was a blast it had humor heart and the best performance of the year in my opinion by Matt Damon.

Honorable Mentions: Mission impossible: Rouge Nation, Inside out, Bridge Of Spies.

This is clearly a very much a list of films I had fun and enjoyed and love the most so without further ado.

1. Star wars the force awakens.

This movie is fun has great acting only a few actual flaws and it not a rehash becuase that would mean it the exact same thing and its not it does the same thing creed does. Force awakens had small flaws but was great and didn't wrap the film up like a bow like the horrible prequels sorry didn't mean to out burst.


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