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There is concern over why I was like "waste[d] [my] time to write and comment a collection of rumours we knew already, but now enlisted to provide a plot of sort" in my last article, Dawn of Justice League - A Summary of ViolatingNDA Post. With all due credits, I merely copy what was in ViolatingNDA's article, and his replies in thousands of Q&A comments of the article. So 99% of the contents are given by ViolatingNDA, while my own input/comment is kept at bare minimal.

The purposes of that post, are:

1) I am intrigued with the level of details (such as Green Lantern, Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman's involvement, costumes, GL's actor, Joker and Robin scene, Batman and Superman fight results, and confirming Jimmy Olsen and Batgirl's rumors) provided by ViolatingNDA. These claims are by far only valid as speculations, though the level of details far exceed what we "know" (as is, confirmed officially). And I find it interesting to list them here.

2) The article was written 7 hours after ViolatingNDA's Reddit post, and is one of the first (if not the only) article to list down all of ViolatingNDA's answers to fans' questions in comments (as of the writing date and time. I'm sure there are a lot more details I missed, after my article is written).

3) As with all speculations (in this post, in ViolatingNDA's post, and in literally bazillions of posts on the internet), these pieces exist because we fanboys are so hyped about the movie and want nothing more than sheer fun reading these topics up, whether they are speculations, rumors, potential spoilers, or official statements.

4) This post will also serve as a litmus at ViolatingNDA's credibility as we can cross-examine his details 3 months after this, so as to see whether he is just plain bullshitting (with fantastic level of imagination), or he is an actual secret-screening attendee.

5) Hey, why so serious over a piece of compiled speculations? Just enjoy the details given, whether it's fantasized/rumored/hyped/bullshitted, as long as it's fun and it's nice about our superheroes, right?


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