ByDaniel John Barocio, writer at

The similarity in the names of Anakin and Anakim as well as the new leader looking like a giant in the recent Star Wars film as he is towering over his dark apprentices hints to the historical research that George Lucas did when he wrote the climactic epic story of Star Wars. Also the other biblical themes that some say are not just in the Bible but in ancient history which should be known that if there is a great adversary Lucifer that transformed into the dark entity of Satan is a deeply rooted transformative battle that rages in all of us to choose darkness or the light. As we look deeper into these things and the historical roots that Lucas has protrade so cleverly in the Star Wars films we can see his attempt at exposing the truth that there is a war between darkness and light and we each have to choose what side we will be on. It Is even in our everyday life we have characters that protray themselves as characters of light yet in reality there is a great shroud that beckons our efforts in peacing in the puzzle together of what the future may hold for each and everyone of us. Will we be seduced by lies and the darkness by characters of illusion, by taking there lies into our being? Or we will we see the truth and through the lies and piece together the puzzle of life and what the future has in store for us before it happens?there is a prophetic guidance, a all inclusive spirit which has shown efforts to lead us all down the path of truth and light. Did George Lucas believe into search historical roots that he came from having a Jewish background in knowing the stories of old? I would say so. He knows it well and is obviously a man of depth since he has said it plainly that he wants everybody to learn lessons from the deep themes rooted in the Star Wars movies, that things are not always what they seem to be on the surface, and we all have to take a deeper look at life as well as these things in which he admittedly said was created to bring the audience into the reality of good versus evil and finally how good triumphs over evil and its ancient origin before the earth began. He admittedly said that he wants all the audience to come to believe in God. What we conclude in that can be another serious decision and maybe the most important one.


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