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I grew up with the original trilogy and believe that Star Wars will be around for generations to come.
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In the galaxy far, far away, George Lucas did something that opened the eyes of each and every Star Wars fan when he released Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back. Before anyone knew of Luke and Leia's connection, he presented a scene to us that hinted at a closer relationship between Luke and Leia. Now I am not intending on this article to be gross in the eyes of the Star Wars fans, but the question we need to be asking ourselves is whether or not incest was acceptable in the galaxy we have all come to love and cherish.

Think about it, Luke and Leia grew up in two totally different surroundings. Luke was a mere farm boy on Tatooine, and Leia was the daughter of royalty on Alderaan. When they first met in episode 4, they had no idea that they were related to each other. Which allowed them to openly have feelings for each other. After all, Luke was the one who actually saved Leia from the first Death Star. I have done some research online and found several of photos showing leia getting close to Luke.

Whether this photo was a shot that was left out of the movie or a publicity shot, it is meant to hint to us that Luke and Leia had a closer than brother and sister relationship.

This photo also shows Luke and Leia getting close. However, this photo may just be a publicity photo or a behind the scenes photo of Mark and Carrie horsing around.

Which leads me back to the question of incest in the galaxy far, far away. Does incest exist in Star Wars? Is it possible that Rey is the love child of Luke and Leia. We can all agree that Rey looks an awful like Leia when she was younger.

Then the question is raised to as why Luke's lightsaber called out to Rey in the castle. That lightsaber was Luke's lightsaber and showed Rey visions of both Luke's past and of her future. Why would the lightsaber show her the dark corridors of cloud city in "The Empire Strikes Back"? Was it hinting at Luke's confrontation with Darth Vader or was it merely showing a time in the past when Luke and Leia were the closest to each other? I know that Rey is younger than Kylo Ren and that Kylo Ren is the son of Han Solo and Leia, but there was an 11 year age difference between the two children. We also know that Han and Leia both split up at one point. Could it be possible that Luke and Leia became close again and sealed their love with more than just a kiss. Maybe that is why Leia was so insistent with finding Luke. Maybe there was more to it than just needing Luke to join the resistance and train more Jedi. Maybe she was wanting to find Luke and tell him the truth about them sharing a daughter together.

At the end of Star Wars the Force Awakens, there were more questions than answers. I know that Rey is related to Luke and Leia, but wouldn't it be a major twist if all this time Rey was their child? I myself hope that it is not true and that Rey is only Luke's daughter. But in this world we know of called Star Wars, anything is possible.


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