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Let it be known, I was somewhat fair. It’s been weeks since Star Wars: The Force Awakens debuted on December 18th in over 4000 plus theaters and now it’s discussion time. With so much talk about the character’s origins and purpose to the story, thought it would be nice to offer my theories about them. Although some of my conclusions are just speculation and knowledge about Star Wars, (Something dear and close to my heart) please keep in mind, they're only theories debated among various Star Wars fans and there's some spoiler alerts. As we await Star Wars VIII to hit theaters in 2017, J.J. Abrams will no doubt reveal more character background information but for now, let see how these new characters might have an impact to the storyline.

For starters Rey from Jakku.

Courtesy of Actress Daisy Ridley
Courtesy of Actress Daisy Ridley

Origins: The hero of the story, Rey is a survivor whose only alley are her wits and resourcefulness. Alone on a barren planet called Jakku, recalls being abandoned, watches a transport ship fly away with tears in her eyes. Played by Daisy Ridley, Rey survives by salvaging spaceship parts for food. She waits in hopes of someday reuniting with loved ones and finally go home.

Situation: A new faction in the galaxy called the First Order hunts for Rey and a small ball-like droid called BB-8. Rey. They meet Finn and all manage to escape from capture on slightly resurrected Millennium Falcon, in hopes of delivering vital information stored inside the droid to the Resistance, formerly known as the Rebel Alliance.

Predictions: Rey is not the offspring of Luke for this simple reason. Luke would entrust someone to care for Rey, something he’s known since his days at Tatooine. Rey’s perception of the force is somewhat new and exciting as she adapts quickly while in extreme situations especially defending herself against Kylo Ren. Rey has visions of the future including a lightsaber battle in a snowy forest. It seems the discovery of a blue lightsaber onced owned by Anakin and Luke is calling her - Maz Kanata, an alien barkeeper, believes Rey to be the hope the Force is calling upon.

Future: Her escape and battle against Kylo is only the beginning as the First Order knows of her existence. Rey will no doubt continue to become more skilled with the Force and her powers will grow with the help of the last Jedi, Luke Skywalker. Be expected Leader Snoke and Kylo Ren will stop at nothing to search and destroy her.

Next up is Finn.

Courtesy of Actor John Boyega
Courtesy of Actor John Boyega

Origins: Finn, formerly known as storm trooper FN - 2187, has a sudden change of heart after witnessing the slaughter of innocent people by the hand of Kylo Ren and the First Order, Finn, played by John Boyega, helps Poe Dameron, a fighter pilot for the Rebel Alliance, escape from imprisonment. New of being on the side of good, becomes a guardian for Rey as he discovers legendary heroes from the past.

Situation: Taken from his parents at an early age, Finn’s only identity his good heart that causes personal conflicts with the First Order agenda. Without regret, changes sides and becomes an alley as he protects Rey and BB-8 falling from falling into the wrong hands. Finn’s Stormtrooper knowledge of a planet-size base called the StarKiller helps the Resistance infiltrate it.

Predictions: It possible Finn might be the son of Lando Calrissian, Baron Administrator of Cloud City and a general in Rebel Alliance. Mace Windu was thought a possibility but a Jedi, for the exception of Anakin Skywalker, can’t have intimate relationships.

Future: Recovering from lightsaber injuries, Finn eventually has to find his place among his new allegiance with the Resistance. Not afraid the try new things, Finn’s own path will stray away from Rey’s as film goes more indepth. I do not believe Finn posses the Force but has heart to fight against those who threaten the one he loves.

Kylo Ren, Master of Knights of Ren.

Courtesy of Actor Adam Driver.
Courtesy of Actor Adam Driver.

Origins: The antagonist of the film and is the grandson of former famous Sith Lord, we meet Kylo Ren. Once a Padawan under the guidance of Luke Skywalker until a mysterious being called Leader Snoke influenced him into the dark side and join the First Order. Kylo and his knights of Ren, slaughtered all of Luke’s students in cold blood and forces Luke to flee.

Situation: Played by Adam Driver, Kylo was named Ben, born to the parents of General Leia and Han Solo. His strong influence with the Force allowed to train with Luke at an early age. Later, Ben abandons the Jedi ways to become Kylo Ren and vision of becoming a powerful Sith Lord and destroying the Resistance. He desires only to complete what Darth Vader has started, despite an inner conflict of good.

Predictions: With one parent out of the way, it’s up to General Leia to reach out to her son in hopes of convincing Kylo abandon Snoke and the First Order. If she does not, Kylo will gain more power and hellbent eradicating any existence of the Resistance. Can Rey and Luke be prepared enough to stop them. One of the three I believe will die in Episode VIII.

Future: Kylo’s determination towards his goal has no bounds as he will kill anyone who stand in his way, including people he onced loved. Snoke has been awaiting a new Sith Lord to rule alongside but need to finish Kylo’s training. Kylo, on the other hand has anger management issues like lashing out in frustration. His conflict clouds his judgement and makes a poor candidate to rule over the galaxy, His Sith Lord education is a bit incomplete and short on expectation as Snoke may need a backup plan.

The Resistance best Pilot, Poe Dameron

Courtesy of Actor Oscar Isaac.
Courtesy of Actor Oscar Isaac.

Origins: Poe, Commander of Rapier Squadron, became a fighter pilot from his mother’s influence during Old Republic days. Played by Oscar Isaac, Poe would love nothing better than to see the First Order crushed and the Resistance restore a peace to the galaxy. His ability to adapt to any flying conditions as well as any ship makes him a formidable pilot. Owns a custom droid called BB-8 which holds a map that leads to the location of Luke Skywalker, the last surviving Jedi.

Situation: Under the cover of night, Poe has managed to retrieve a piece of a secret map in hopes of finding the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker. In hot pursuit, The First Order and the Knights of Ren surround an outpost and in a surprise attack, capture Poe but finds no map. Kylo Ren returns him to base and begins First Order style torture.

Prediction: It’s my belief Poe and Finn embark on their own adventure and become good friends. But with the many secret assignments General Leia has in store for Poe, It’s most likely Poe will meet his demise unless his sarcasm brings his untimely death sooner. He’s a risk taker and does it for the better good for the Resistance. Finn can learn a lot from Poe and if he should survive all of this, retire back to his family.

Future: No doubt will lead the Resistance into the final battle against the First Order. Just on flight time experience, Poe has extraordinary pilot skills by dog-fighting six Tie-fighters to their death and massacre ground Stormtroopers. Poe’s family and the Skywalkers have known each other for a great many years and are well trusted. His clout reflects his reputation as he decides who can co-pilot his special customized T-70 Black wing fighter, only BB-8.

Supreme Leader of First Order, Leader Snoke.

Courtesy of LucasFilms. Voice actor Andy Serkis
Courtesy of LucasFilms. Voice actor Andy Serkis

Origins: A Sith Lord from the outskirts of the galaxy. Leader Snoke is responsible for the assembly of a new faction called ,The First Order, whose belief all of the galaxy is in chaos and must be controlled under one supreme ruler. The Resistance, the last remnants of the Old Republic, is the only thing from completing his goal. Snoke has previously trained past Sith Lords in the past to carry out continue his legacy.

Situation: With a new and power Starkiller weapon under his control, no system in the galaxy will oppose his will, but Snoke apprentice, Kylo Ren, lacks experience and training. Leaving Kylo to oversee the operation of his newest weapon, Han Solo and Chewie, along with Finn, manage to gain base access and destroy the device. Realizing Kylo is hurt and alone, orders his men to retrieve him back for more conditioning.

Prediction: In the next film, Star Wars VIII, Leader Snoke will go all out on search the the remaining Jedi who can stop is plan for galactic domination as the First Order has unlimited amount of precious resources and deep pockets. I expect a showdown between Luke/Rey and. Kylo with Leader Snoke. I don’t expect any of the new characters will be killed but most likely any of the original cast members will die by Snoke or Kylo’s hands. There’s a strong possibility Snoke might be an ancient Sith Lord who survived an attack from the Jedi Order a thousand years before the Clone Wars.

Well that’s all in a nutshell. The film overall has gotten tremendous reviews and fan appreciation not to mention surpassing record breaking box office sales. If you have not seen it, please do, It’s a great film to watch and you will be disappointed but will come out with many debates and theories. Please share your comments and ideas down below and I look forward hearing from you.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it. Reporting for MoviePilot,

My name is Brian A. Madrid.


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