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I'm doing my review now because I think that most of you had seen the movie already at least ones.

I had the opportunity to watch the force awakens three times at the cinema, so I believe that I can do a proper commentary about it.

first I would like to start telling you what I dislike about it

1.- Kylo Ren:

I think that is great to see a villain that has a seduction from the light side of the force. It makes him look more human, than just a no sense bad guy he also has some awesome new force abilities and is deeply related with the old cast. But what really bothers me is his attitude, in many ways Ben Solo fells like the Anakin Skywalker from the (ATTACK OF THE CLONES) or (REVENGE OF THE SITH) .for this reason he can't develop his own authenticity as a character. In the other hand is weird that the master of the nights of Ren is so easily beaten through the entire movie by an untrained force user,I still hope to see him in the following movies but with more personality and a completed training.

2.-Star killer base

In my opinion the hole super weapon thing is done. It was repetitive to show a bigger death star and it really stopped us from exploring the advances of the first order. I think that with that time Abrams could had acted more creatively and approached the dark side of the force rather than a mechanical achievement.but it still was super fun to see it blew up.

3.- Rey's super abilities

I loved Rey's character but I hope that her force abilities are explained in the next episode .because if it doesn't I will be really confused by it .

Now I will tell you what I loved about the movie

1.-Music and Cinematography

The movie from a visual point of view is stunning, All the colors and the photography makes you know that you are in a galaxy far far makes you feel emotional and overwhelmed. And the music is really from another place is what makes you cry and laugh, so thank you John Williams.

2.-Humor and storytelling

It is not just a good movie is also a funny one.the humor does not fell forced like in the phantom menace and the story flows with the star wars universe

3.-practical effects and CGI

In the force awaken we have finally a great balance between what is real and what is not.and it's beautiful when you can't tell the difference.

4.- Poe Fin and Rey

The new generation of heroes look promising their characters have a great evolution within the movie and new refreshing personalities.they also make you love and care about them very quickly.and their skills are so different but so cool at the Same time.

5.- BB-8

no words it was awesome

6.- The old and the new

Abrams found the balance between the old and the new cast it gives you just enough and with great logics.I expected more Luke but I Understand why they kept him away until the end.

They blend perfectly in the new story.

7.- All the possibilities

The new chapter opened so many we have star wars for a long time and the answers for all those questions that we all have right now.

So I can now say that episode VII is a really great Star wars movie with flaws and all. Because all the others committed mistakes.

I give the movie a solid 8.5 / 10


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