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Jessica Harmon

Thriller Films have released a first look at their 2016 comedy EuroClub.

In the film, which sounds like a cross between Euro Trip and Porky's, three American guys who perpetually strike out with the ladies travel to Europe and embark on an adventure through the continent filled with drinking, dancing, and partying while dodging gypsies, gangsters, and soccer hooligans to get to the world's hottest club.

The film stars Jake Lewis, Terrell Battle, and Johnny Lessani with European celebrities Micaela Shaeffer, Tom Barcal, Sabine Petzl, and Zachi Noy all making an appearance.

The film was written by comics Rebekah Kochan & Dante, directed by Ali Zamani and produced by Justin Jones and Zeus Zamani.

The cast and crew feature in these first stills from the set.

Release TBA.


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