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Wow! What an exciting time for the show. We recently got two big promos for The Flash that tell us quite a few things about the rest of Season 2.

Here is the first promo:

And the second:

So shall we begin? Yup!

Patty is in some Serious Trouble

In the first promo Barry contemplated telling Patty who he is, but it was too late! Now who could have kidnapped her? There are a number of speedsters who could have possibly done this. The initial promo tells the viewer to lean more towards Zoom, but remember that the Reverse Flash is also back in town.

The Return

The Reverse Flash is back! As seen in the second promo for the show. Isn't it awesome? I wonder how he could have come back. Man... the backlash is going to be amazing. All the characters on the show will be affected in some way. Iris since Eddie sacrificed himself so the Reverse Flash could die. Barry, since he had so much history with the Reverse Flash. Caitlyn because of Ronnie. Even Cisco because in an alternate timeline Reverse Flash turned his heart into a kebab.


A Look into Earth 2

Yup, that is Barry and Iris from Earth 2. They are dressed different and they carry themselves differently. Also we know that Barry is with Patty, and they look incredibly close in this shot, which is something we would not see on Earth 1.

Killer Frost!

We know that she is from Earth 2, since in the promo, we saw the regular Caitlin and then it flickered, and became Killer Frost. I believe the show is trying to trick us, and she is actually Killer Frost from Earth 2.

A Secret Revealed

In the last portion of the trailer Joe is seen telling Wally about his double life with the Flash. This could be a trick, but I feel as though Wally is going to be included in the Flash's adventures from here on out.


Are you exciting for the Flash?


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