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To start off with, this post contains MAJOR SPOILERS. You have been warned!

Simply put, the question of the scavenger Rey (Daisy Ridley) and her parents has been on the collective mind of the Star Wars fandom since The Force Awakens was released. There are a few major points that always seem to come up in theory pieces like this:

1. Rey is a Skywalker. Duh! The lightsaber called to her! That has to be it.

2. Rey is a Kenobi. Obviously! We heard Obi-Wan's voice in the vision!

3. Wait, which one of us is right?

Well, true believers, I think I may have an answer for you. Bear with me, as it contains a lot of speculation. All of it is based, however, on canon sources from the new SW timeline.

My theory is that NEITHER of these possibilities are incorrect. Rey is both a Skywalker AND a Kenobi.

"But wait!" my readership inevitably asks. "How can that be?"

Simple. Luke found out that Obi-Wan had a kid on Tatooine, finds her, and marries her. And there is actual evidence that this is possible.

The timeline actually fits nicely. Obi-Wan was 57 when killed by Darth Vader in 0 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin). This places him at age 38 when he lands on Tatooine. A bit old to have a kid, but definitely still in his prime, and thus this is not an impossibility. The Jedi Code does forbid attachment, but Obi-Wan had already had a romance before with the Duchess of Mandalore, Satine Kryze (below). And the Jedi Code died with the Order, in theory.

Now, we cannot possibly know who Obi-Wan may or may not have had a fling with while in exile. What we do know is that there may be a record of it. In Marvel's Star Wars series, Luke Skywalker discovers the "Journals of Ben Kenobi" in 0 ABY after Kenobi's death. The young Jedi finds them in his hut with the label, "For Luke". He then takes them away after a brief confrontation with Boba Fett.

This indicates that Obi-Wan kept detailed records of his time on Tatooine. For this reason, I believe that Luke, while in the process of constructing a New Jedi Order (which Ben Solo would later destroy) he may have discovered Obi-Wan's child, a daughter, and fallen in love. He was never told that a Jedi could not marry as far as I am aware, so logically he may have married her and had a child of his own. This child is none other than Rey.

Now how, you might ask, did Rey end up alone on Jakku with no memory of her Jedi father? The answer lies in what Kylo Ren/Ben Solo did to Luke and his New Jedi Order. He murdered all of Luke's students, as Han states, and in the process, I believe he murdered Luke's young wife. This would absolutely crush Luke, and also make him feel that his young and extremely Force-sensitive daughter would be endangered by her raging cousin. Also, one must consider how well the timing fits; Rey is 19 in TFA, Han states in the novelization that he hasn't seen Ben since he turned over 13 years ago. This makes Kylo 15 when he murdered Luke's students and possibly his wife (as he is 29 in TFA) and Rey 5 years old. When did she say she was abandoned on Jakku again? Oh yeah: age 5.

So this all fits together except for Rey's lack of memory. But that can be explained too: she was mind-wiped by Luke in order to protect her in case the First Order found her. He knew that she could take care of herself if she had hope, so that is why he implanted the idea of her parents coming to retrieve her. This gave her the drive to survive, if you will.

So there you have it! That is my explanation for Rey's parentage. Please feel free to comment below, for as always I desire to begin Cinema Conversations. Thanks for the read!


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