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Seriously, if you do not want to know NOTHING about Captain America: Civil War, better stop here because this is a BAITA DUM SPOILER.

Since it was announced as the third film of the Sentinel of Liberty, Captain America: Civil War has generated anxiety, but at a level that does not, including more than Avengers: Age of Ultron (but far less than Batman vs Superman, excuse aê) . All this is because of the long be based in one of the best sagas of comics of the century, Civil War, which was published by Marvel from 2006 to 2007 and simply put an army of superheroes led by Captain America against another led by man iron, in the middle of a very current discussion about individual freedom and control that the Government exerts over our lives.

In short, explanatory text to give you one more chance to FLEE OF A SPOILER MONUMENTAL !!! Whether other lighter spoilers? Are you here! Okay with me yet? You want to know? So that's okay, from now on is at your own risk comes not say I did not warn you!

For those who have read the saga nine years ago, or the new bound or the book based on the arc (or was simply in Wikipedia to find out more after seeing the trailer), it may not be there much surprise, but for the rest of the population can be kind of shocking. According to The Hashtag Show, a YouTube channel on pop culture, sources confirmed that at the end of the movie Captain America (Chris Evans) should even die.

In the comics, while facing Iron Man and Co. in the middle of New York, Captain America realizes all the destruction that war between them has caused and surrenders and makes a deal, indulging in exchange for the freedom of their allies. However, on the day of his trial, when to enter the Capitol, the Captain is attacked and dies after being shot.

According to the sources of The Hashtag Show, it should remain in part with Captain America losing the war for Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and surrendering to free your friends. However, Steve still must die in battle.

It does not stop there, as the Marvel would still recorded THREE different outcome to this story, with three different heroes taking the shield after the fall of captain. Were they Wintry Soldier / Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Agent 13 / Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp). While in the comics, Bucky took on the role of Captain America soon after his death, and now who carries the shield is the Falcon is the first time in history that a woman can take on the role for so long was Steve Rogers.


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