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Now we all know that movie adaptation of our favorite young-adult fiction "Eleanor and Park" by Rainbow Rowell is happening!!! This amazing novel narrates the story of two high school misfits looking for sense of belongingness and affirmation. The two met on the school bus and making connection through comic books and flourished into a love story.

As much as we know, Rainbow Rowell herself is writing the screenplay for DreamWorks (yes it's happening!!).

Since their is no further details about casting, being fan i would like to present my dream cast of this much awaited adaptation film "Eleanor and Park."

1. Jennifer Stone as Eleanor Douglas

Jennifer Stone, known for her hits roles like Abby in Mean Girls 2 and Wizards of Waverly Place, she can totally pull of Eleanor's brave, smart and "picture-like" character. She can definitely rock the red curls and the over sized men's shirt won't make her look any less adorable.

2. Carter Reynolds as Park Sheridan

One of the Magcon Boys, this famous, adorable viner Carter Reynolds was the only person i could picture as Park. He is asian, have (and rocks) black hair and yes, adorable. Although Calum Hood can also pull off Park's character, Mr.Carter is still a #1 choice.

3. Tina Fey as Sabrina a.k.a Eleanor's mother

"When Eleanor was a little girl, she'd thought her mom looked like a queen, like the star of some fairy tale."

Being a queen herself, Tina Fey is the best one to play Eleanor's mother. She is beautiful, humorous, have beautiful smile and many of her inspiring roles (like Ms. Norbury in Mean Girls) makes her the obvious choice.

4. Matt Schulze as Richie (Eleanor's step father)

Richie... yes he is the villain of the novel and beyond evil.

Matt Schulze is a familiar face for pulling off bad-ass characters. It'd be great seeing him as Richie.

4. Paul Rudd as Jamie Sheridan (Park's Dad)

The role of a loving father in Ant Man is one the reasons he fits in the role of Jamie Sheridan. Paul Rudd can swiftly fit in the skin of Park's "man's man", "handsome army veteran" and caring father.

6. Jung Hye Young as Mindy (Park's mom)

South Korean actress, Jung Hye Young, is indeed a pretty apparent choice for Park's dool-like mom Mindy.

7. Maiara Walsh as Tina

This "popular and mean" girl can definitely pull off another mean character of Tina's gracefully just like she did earlier in Mean Girls 2. A popular bully played by Maiara Walsh can seriously add up to the character. She can be the perfect bully and helper, what Tina turns out at the end.

8. Luke Benward as Steve Murphy

Steve surely has been described "as big as Tina" (yes, Tina's big and is dating Steve), i'd rather preferred to keep both the characters hot. Known for playing Billy Forrester in How to Eat Fried Worms, Luke Benward could fit in the skin of Steve.

9. Zachary Gordan as Josh Sheridan

Once a Wimpy Kid and oppressed younger brother, Zachary Gordan would rock the role of Josh Sheridan, still a younger brother but this time an empowered one. Zachary Gordan's slight Asian looks (but mostly American), fits him in role of Park's younger brother who 3 years younger than park is better than him in evey way (according to his dad) and 3 inches taller than Park.*giggles*

10. Boyce Cameron as Ben

This Disney star can play Eleanor's younger teenage brother Ben. Cameron's winsome smile would actually make the character cute in it's own ways.

11. Alisha Newton as Maisie

Known for her role in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monster, Alisha Newton can play the slightly mean sibling of Eleanor.

12. Kyle Harrison Breitkopf as Mouse (real name Jeremiah)

Kyle Harrison Breikopf is a child actor who portrayed Barker Simmons in the 2012 comedy film Parental Guidance. He'd look so cute and adorable as Eleanor's youngest sibling Mouse as she like to call him.

12. Stanley Tucci as Mr. Stessman

And when it come to playing teachers or motivators, Stanley Tucci seems an obvious one. He posses that bit bad guy attitude but at the same time he have got those motivator's features. He is perfect for the English teacher, Mr. Stessman.

13.Willow Smith as DeNice (Eleanor's friend)

Since DeNice looks "too young to be in the tenth grade, She was small.", Willow Smith seems good for her.

13. Giovonnie Samuels as Beebi

" Beebi was what Eleanor's mom would call a 'big girl.' Much bigger than Eleanor". Giovonnie Samuels is an easy choice for one of Eleanor's pals at school. She had been seen earlier in supporting role (like in Freedom Writers).

And last but not least,

14. Matthew Espinosa as Cal

And for Park's school pal, we want no one other than Matthew Espinosa. Like Carter Reynolds, Matthew Espinosa is also a famous viner. Cal is a regular boy, he is there just to brighten the fact that Park is different from the regular guys of his age. Matthew Espinosa as Cal would add grace to the character.

So, here was my dream cast of Eleanor and Park. Let me know what you people think about it.


Let me know guys that who have been chosen correctly in my dream cast of Eleanor and Park?



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