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(Warning - the following contains moderate SPOILERS for the recently released Chewbacca comic book mini-series. If you don't want to know anything about its ending, the following is going to be something of a minefield...)

Now, for all that we all love Star Wars roughly as much as life itself, there have always been a few quibbles with certain elements of the saga. Even putting Jar Jar and sad Anakin aside, the original trilogy is full of mildly problematic elements like siblings making out to make smugglers jealous, Obi Wan Kenobi being a misleading asshole, and Ewoks.

One of the most widely decried moments in the original trilogy, though - at least in retrospect - came at the very end of A New Hope. Remember how, at that iconic medal ceremony, a certain Wookiee didn't get a medal, despite doing just as much to save the day as Han Solo?

Well, as it turned out...

A Whole Lot of Fans Weren't Thrilled About Chewbacca Not Getting a Medal

After all, we were all raised to believe that the Rebel Alliance was a decent, upstanding, non-discriminatory counterpoint to the distinctly Nazi-ish seeming Empire. For them to refuse to give a Wookiee a medal, though, would seem to completely undermine that thinking - and suggest that maybe they really were just as bad as the 'evil' Empire. Suddenly, the notable absence of pilots who weren't white human dudes (and, of course, the willingness to sacrifice a whole lot of Bothans to steal a diagram) seemed a whole lot more concerning...

Thankfully, though...

We Now Know Exactly Why Chewie Didn't Get a Medal

And it's actually for a pretty darned good - and very Chewie - reason.

Y'see, at the close of Gerry Duggan and Phil Noto's recent Chewbacca comic book miniseries - Chewbacca #5, to be precise - we find out that Chewie actually was given a medal at that climactic ceremony... he just gave it away to his new buddy Zarro.

A.k.a., the young woman just below, who Chewie had just shared a pretty remarkable adventure with...

What's more, the duo's conversation quickly revealed that Chewie - true hero that he is - didn't actually need a medal to validate his actions...

After all, he was a hero - and that was enough.

Which may be a massively belated retcon, but I'm still very much cool with it. I mean, it's Chewie, for crying out loud. If anyone doesn't need a shiny chunk of metal to prove he's awesome, it's him...



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