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In 2015 moviegoers around the globe fell in love with the emotions which controlled the young character of Riley in Pixar's soon-to-become classic, Inside Out. Joy, Disgust, Anger and Fear navigated Riley through the taxing process of moving house and building a new life in an unfamiliar place. Whilst her parents were unable to decipher her sudden change of character, we were privy to the internal turmoil which turned a jovial girl into a sassy, lackluster teen.

Parents general confusion surrounding the angst of their spawn forms the basis of this awesome fan-made short video from Utah based film student, Jordan Hanzon, who answered a plea via Reddit to edit all Inside Out's 'inside' bits out. What we're left with is a brilliant 15 minute short which stands pretty well on its own.

Before watching it though, lets remind ourselves just how good those inner dialogue scenes were:

"That is not brightly colored, or shaped like a dinosaur."

They saved Riley from poisoning herself with evil things such as broccoli.

"She shoots, and she scores!"

They helped her turn her newspaper and her fairly dire new living room into a make-shift hockey pitch.

"Cool kids whispering at 3 o'clock"

Then Sadness pawed a core memory and made that first day of school experience way more awkward and painful than it needed to be.

"Signal the Husband"

And it wasn't just Riley who had multi-colored emotions babbling away in her brain, her parents had them too. Except theirs were a tad more distracted and cynical, probably due to the whole age, job, life thing.

As I said earlier, the 'Outside Edition' of Inside Out edits out all of the internal dialogues you've just watched, which in turn leaves us with a 15 minutes short. And, although much of the film's charm comes via the 'inside' characters, the short we're left with is pretty darn good as a stand alone piece (despite a few clunky edits, obvious because of the emotion dialogue scenes removed).

Additionally, it's relatable and provides a perfect reminder of what it was like being a teenager trying to decipher your own, and other peoples, emotions with no real idea of what's actually going on.

Check out 'Inside Out: Outside Edition' in its entirety below:

Find out more about film student Jordan Hanzon over on his Vimeo page.

Source: EW, Hello Giggles, Vimeo, Reddit


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