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It's been confirmed -- Lindsay Lohan had a much better New Years Eve than all of us put together. Not only did she spend it in Costa Rica (ignore the fact that she casually confused it for Mexico at one point), but she also could feel good about being able to make all our wishes come true.

Without any further hesitation, here's her contribution to 2016 -- a black-and-white image of Michael Cera graciously wielding a sparkler:

The caption reads:

"Happy New Years beautiful lands of the world that we visit, Mother Nature and Earth. God bless All in this year to come. Love and Live (yes, this is one of my favourite actors from several years ago with woody allen and john Burnham on ."

I don't know about you guys, but the above throwback brings me immeasurable joy. Partly because Michael Cera is wonderful, and partly because it reminds me of that time that he hung out with a similarly surprising group of individuals. Here he is with the Jersey Shore cast getting a hot make-over:

And although Woody Allen and John Turnham are absent from Lindsay's photo as promised, it's okay because a few days later the actress actually tried to make up for it by posting a pic of some of her pals casually gutting a fish:

Oh, and let's not forget this post of an off-road vehicle basking in the pleasant sunshine of this soft Instagram filter:

We love you LiLo, keep doing your thing and posting those snazzy snaps!



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