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It would be pretty hard to have lived in the TV watching world for the last 25 years and not be aware of everyone's favorite yellow-skinned family, The Simpsons.

As well as Homers "D'oh!" and Milhouse's eternal love for Lisa, the long running TV show sees Bart Simpson periodically prank calling the ever grouchy bartender Moe Szyslak.

Reddit user Senor_Schnarf has gone and broken the hearts of Simpsons fans everywhere with an interesting theory that makes the softie in all of us want to give Moe a great big hug.

The theory goes that Moe knew that Bart was the mystery prank caller from day one, but decided to play along with the youngster because he loved him and wanted to make him happy.

Lisa & Moe and Maggie & Moe
Lisa & Moe and Maggie & Moe

Senor_Schnarf points out that throughout the show's history, Moe has demonstrated an uncharacteristic kindness towards children, particularly the Simpson kids:

"He’s shown to be kind to Lisa, and in one episode developed an extremely strong attachment to Maggie. It is not out to left field to think he may harbor similar sentiment towards Bart as well."

Senor_Schnarf further supports his argument by insisting that Moe knows what Bart's voice sounds like, as it is highlighted in one of the episodes:

"Upon entering, Moe says ‘I know that voice… It’s little bitty Bart Simpson!’ and picks him up to give him a hug.”

The most heart-breaking point of the entire idea seems to lie with the reason behind Moe's affection:

"Why does Moe put up with these juvenile pranks every day? Because he's a sad, lonely guy who loves children and always wanted a family of his own."

Don't be sad Moe, we love you!

Yep.  Heartbreaking.
Yep. Heartbreaking.

Honorable Mention

Bart Simpson's prank calls were pretty genius for a 10 year old under achiever.

Bart: Hello is Al there?

Moe: Who?

Bart: Al last name coholic.


And let's not forget that time Bart's prank backfired...

He takes the defeat like a man...

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