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When Disney bought out Lucasfilm, as they are slowly doing with every single company in the world, everyone went crazy at the possibility of new Star Wars films. Some were happy, and some thought that it may end up looking like this.

Fortunately, it looked nothing like that. But something else that people forgot about is that Disney didn't just buy the rights to Star Wars, they actually bought the whole Lucasfilm company. This means that they can also make films about the legendary explorer Indiana Jones!

Now, it seems like everyone has reacted in one of two ways to this news. Either they reacted like this:

At which point they either diverge into crying or a frenzy of rage. Alternatively, much like myself, they could reacted like this:

I mean honestly guys, much like the Star Wars franchise, George Lucas destroyed the Indiana Jones film legacy with Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Disney was able to get the talent and funding to retrieve Star Wars from the mess that the prequels left it in, so why can't they do the same with this? Remind yourself of how good it used to be... sigh...

But never mind that, the big news now is:

Is Disney Going to Make 'Indiana Jones 5'?

Well, when Lucasfilm was originally bought by Disney, they came out to say that their primary focus was Star Wars. Well, they now have a record breaking film of immense proportion, and have got another one coming out each year from now until 2020. So it looks like they've finally decided to focus on other things.

In an interview with Bloomberg News, Disney Chairman Bob Iger, the man in charge of the magic, said that:

"With George Lucas's Star Wars — and Indiana Jones, by the way, which will be coming, we have more great stories. And I think in a world where there's far more content and intellectual property and great choice, I think great stories still stand out."

So there it is. In the most offhand way possible, Iger has confirmed that there will be a Disney made Indiana Jones film. But there is a big question that everyone must ask themselves when they hear this news:

Who Will Play Indiana Jones?

Well, the real question is: old or new? After all, while Harrison Ford is much loved as the character, much like he is loved as Han Solo, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a disaster. In this case, unlike Star Wars, it may not be the best idea to bring back the original cast. However, it really depends on the nature of the film itself. Is it a sequel, a prequel, or a remake? If it is the former, then of course it will have to be Harrison Ford. However, if Disney wants a future for the series, it is more likely that they will reboot the whole thing. So who will it be to lift the hat and go on with the series? Here are six great options, any of which I would personally be delighted with!

1. Chris Pratt

This has been the most heavily rumored casting in the last couple of years and I have to say, it would be rather perfect. Chris Pratt basically was Indiana Jones in Jurassic World if you think about it, and I think between that film and Guardians of the Galaxy he has proved that he can really lead a franchise. He would be an amazing pick as Ford's replacement. The main problem? He's already leading the Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy franchises, and would really be pushed for time if he were to take on a third franchise.

2. Bradley Cooper

This guy isn't attached to any franchises right now. Bradley Cooper is another man who could lead a franchise without any worries, and he has the look to play Indy as well. I can't actually think of any problems with casting him in the role, it would be pretty spectacular I think. He's great in action films, he could play the womanizer role easily, and he can also play smart guys.

3. Michael Fassbender

If you want to stray a little from the traditional Harrison Ford look then this is the man for you. Fassbender may not have another X-Men film after Apocalypse this year, so he will have plenty of free time, and definitely has the acting chops to do the role justice. Seeing him in Macbeth convinced me that he could play the role of the adventurer.

4. Gerard Butler

Yeah, I know he's Scottish. But you know what? So was Sean Connery, and he played Indy's father in The Last Crusade. If his father is Scottish, he can be too! Or... you could just get Butler to put on an accent. He has the perfect look for the role, and hasn't done a whole lot recently, making it the perfect time to receive a career defining role!

5. Hugh Jackman

Or there's this guy! If anyone thinks Jackman wouldn't be absolutely perfect as Indiana Jones, please leave. His career defining role as Wolverine is ending in 2017, so it's the perfect time to find a new franchise, and I could see him playing Indy so well in my head.

6. Karl Urban

Finally, here is one of my favorite actors in the world. Karl Urban brought life to McCoy in Star Trek and Judge Dredd in Dredd. Those were both roles that had been played before by other actors, but his portrayal is the one I always think of when discussing the characters. He has proved with his crazy career that he can play pretty much any role, and I think that he would be perfect as Indy, he just has that look and I think he could define the role as his own.

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Who would you like to see as Indy?


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