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After the dramatic conclusion of the first half of Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars , our fave so-called liars are about to burst back onto screens with the Season 6b, premiering on January 12th.

After finding out the identity of the mysterious 'A' after a long (and frankly quite drawn out) wait, surely the show must be out of drama for the gals of Rosewood? Well, not quite! We already know we can expect a huge five year jump in the show, meaning that when Season 6b starts airing, the girls have already graduated college and getting on with their lives. However the time jump also means the introduction of a whole bunch of new characters. So, what new faces can we expect to see on the screens next week? Take a look:

Dr. Elliot Rollins (Huw Collins)

Who is he? Rollins was hinted at in the Season 6 mid-season finale, when it was mentioned that after the time jump, Allison is married and now Mrs. Rollins. Of course he's also a psychologist working with none other than Allison's sister, Charlotte.

Liam Greene (Roberto Aguire)

Who is he? Liam Greene is reportedly going to be a Boston-based editorial assistant and one of Aria's workmates. Uh oh, Ezria fans!

Jordan (David Coussins)

Who is he? Allison isn't the only one with a new beau in Season 6b, Hanna has also apparently found love with new fiancé Jordan, who she met in Europe. Jordan is also involved in the fashion industry, and is described as being both down-to-earth but also full of sophisticated swagger.

Yvonne (Kara Royster)

Who is she? There's not much information of Yvonne, aside from the fact that she's "a smart young woman who Toby encounters while responding to a robbery." Which I guess, could be bad news for Spoby fans.

Nicole (unconfirmed but likely to be Rebecca Breeds)

Who is she? According to TV Line, Nicole is a "young woman Ezra follows down to South America." And she was actually seen earlier in Season 6, in the 'Five Years Forward' special. However, Ian Harding, who plays Ezra says that the relationship is "taken away from [Ezra] very quickly and very violently." So will Nicole actually appear in Season 6b in person, or just in memory (or possibly in flashback form?).

'Pretty Little Liars' returns to ABC Family/Freeform on January 12th. Check out the four minute sneak peek below:

Source: TV Line, Refinery29


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