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It's all hands on deck for the Harry Styles/Kendall Jenner rumor mill which is firmly back on track following a series of sneaky paparazzi shots taken over the New Year festive period.

The pair, who were first romantically linked back in 2013, were pictured holidaying together on the Caribbean island of Anguilla, and although they have both individually denied romance rumors, these images suggest they are much more than 'just friends.'

Sparking a rekindled interest in the couples involvement with each other, amongst flurries of excitement throughout their combined fan base, Jenner, 20, and Styles, 21, were shown getting pretttttty familiar with each other on a luxury yacht. And, whilst their PDA does not necessarily conclude that the pair are an item, it does suggest a truth to the previous speculation.

And of course no budding celebrity romance would be anywhere near as intriguing without a sniff of drama on the wind. Thus, numerous tabloids have suggested that Taylor Swift is utterly 'furious' that her friend and squadron member is getting it on with her ex-boyfriend.

If that's true (which, let's be honest, it probably isn't), could that mean a Swift vs. Jenner take down? 'Cause that could be interesting.

Source: TMZ, OK!, SugarScape


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