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The royal family might be even more than royalty: there's now reason to believe that they could be magical as well!

According to redditor Observa and her incredible Harry Potter theory, the British royal family has quite a bit of magical blood. Yes, friends. That means Queen Elizabeth II probably owns a wand and can pull a cheeky prank on you if you prepare her tea incorrectly.

So where did Observa get this idea from? The theory first explains how magical abilities are passed down through family lineage as a dominant gene. Also mentioned is the fact that dating back to the Tudor days, British royalty has long since been correlated with witches and wizards.

Remember Queen Mary I? You might know her by her more popular name "Bloody Mary." In case you never caught it, she is mentioned to have a portrait hanging in Hogwarts, along with a portrait of her father, King Henry VIII.

Do you see Anne Bolyn's portrait to the right?
Do you see Anne Bolyn's portrait to the right?

This raises many questions. Is it possible she, and her father, both attended Hogwarts during the 1400s and 1500s? Just think of how many women (including some of King Henry VIII's wives) were beheaded or hung after being accused of witchcraft. Perhaps these women were truly capable of such sorcery.

Furthermore, there is evidence that witches and wizards also had massive influence on the royal court, dating all the way back to the Dark Ages. Merlin himself was King Arthur's best friend as well as an advisor. If you have ever been a collector of Chocolate Frog Cards, you must have stumbled upon his picture before, as he is considered "the most famous wizard of all time," according to J.K. Rowling.

Part of the theory connects the Malfoy family to Queen Elizabeth I, as she has at one point dated Malfoy. Another Malfoy has been involved with helping William the Conqueror.

The best evidence by far discusses Queen Elizabeth II's corgis. In a 1991 article in the Daily Prophet, one of the queen's corgis turned into a hamster.

It appears that Buckingham Palace is truly a magical place. I wonder which houses Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be sorted into?

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