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The one you can see on the absolute left of the picture. This guy probably goes by the name Heat.

Well, there are not many certain or confirmed information’s to share about him. As chapter 7 of DBS manga didn’t give any details about him. We just got his first look.

So, what I am going to say are all based on assumptions or my personal thinking. You can share yours on the comment section.

I think heat is the strongest character on Champa’s team. More like a leader figure. Also he looks the coolest to me. Now from his looks he looks similar to 2 previously know Dragon Ball character. Most people agree that he looks like Perfect Cell. He also has some similarity with Cooler.

Now questions like who could he be? What’s his race? How powerful is he?


Well, there are many possibilities. He could be a totally new character from a new species. Who has nothing to do with any character we know. This has a good possibility as Toriyama is interested to introduce absolute new and fresh characters.

Now, going by his looks if we try to make some connection he could be someone like Cell who has the ability to absorb. His body appears to have different and diverse features which could indicate absorbing someone. How would Cell look if he absorbed King Cold and Frieza at hell? Hahaha


I also personally think this character could have something to do with the nameks. Maybe they all combined into one or something like that.

Putting all the assumptions aside, I can tell you that this guy is the real deal. He will probably extend to this super series till the very end and gain a lot of fan popularity.

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