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Welcome to another edition of my "Disney live-action fan casting" series, in which I take a classical Disney animated film and try to find the right actors to portray the film on-screen today. We've already cast Sword in the Stone, The Road to El Dorado and Anastasia- now, it's time to look at a new Disney classic.

It may be a recent one, but Tangled is still one of my favourite Disney films of all time, and as such you can rest assured that I took a lot of time in deciding who would be able to bring the film to the big screen again. There were some incredibly tough decisions for who should be listed below, but finally this list has been completed, so check it out below!

Blake Lively As Rapunzel

Rapunzel is one of my favourite Disney princesses, because she manages to be so much fun despite the horrible things that have happened to her, and all she wants is to see the floating lanterns. It's a beautiful story, and she's an amazing character, and I think Blake Lively, who is such a fun and lovely person, could really bring her to the big screen again perfectly. Her recent roles in Savages, The Shallows and especially Age of Adaline make me believe she's perfect for this. Her role as Adaline, who was an isolated, tragedy-struck girl trying to live her life (forever) on her own, and the way she is slowly brought back into the world by a man is very akin to how Flynn Rider brings Rapunzel into the world for the first time. But if Blake's Rapunzel is to be brought into the world, we need the perfect Flynn Rider to bring her!

Ryan Reynolds As Flynn Ryder

And here he is! Ryan Reynolds may not immediately jump out at you as Disney prince material, possibly because of his incredibly not-Disney type roles such as in Deadpool. But does Flynn Rider stike you as the typical Disney prince? No! Reynolds was recently named the sexiest man alive, he is one of the most hilarious actors around, and will be able to wise crack his way through this film even if nobody gives him a script! Plus, him and Blake Lively are already married! And who doesn't want to see them together on-screen as prince and princess? Imagine what their kid will be thinking!

Lena Headey As Mother Gothel

Hmm, a controlling mother who is hiding a huge secret from her children and is really a terrifying villain at heart who will do anything to keep her children safe, even if it could end up hurting her children. Well now that we've talked about Cersei Lannister, we should move onto Mother Gothel. See my point? Lena Headey is already playing this character on Game of Thrones, and she wouldn't have any problem doing it again as the woman who kidnaps Rapunzel and raises her as her own. It takes a special actress to pull off that kind of crazy, and Lena Headey is the right actress. Her villainous ways were also on show in Dredd as Ma-Ma, and she could definitely show a bit of that side as well when Mother Gothel reveals her true self to Rapunzel.

Jason Statham As Stabbington Brother 1

The Stabbington brothers were never big talkers, what is really needed for this pair is a couple of really tough guys, that can maybe bring a bit of bumbling comedy as well as a sense of danger to the live-action version of Tangled. Jason Statham can do action, he can do comedy, he can do anything, and he can certainly play the tough, scary silent type, so that's all covered. Plus, wouldn't he look great being the brother of the next choice?

Vin Diesel As Stabbington Brother 2

Of course he would! Vin Diesel can definitely play the big, silent type, as he already has in Guardians of the Galaxy, where he literally said three words the entire time! Vin Diesel and Statham already have a cinematic history, having squared off against each other in Fast 7, but they had great chemistry together in that film, and as brothers they could really command the screen, and their reactions to Ryan Reynolds' Flynn Rider would be absolutely hilarious!

Miguel Ferrer As Guard Captain

A live-action version of Tangled would have some difficulties to overcome, one of them being the incredibly well-trained horse you would need to play Maximus, but what if you could make him less important to the story and partially replace him with the Guard Captain instead? What if the Captain became sympathetic to Flynn Rider and helped him out? If that was the case, you would need someone with experience in being an authoritative character, and bringing dry comedy and wit to the screen, look no further than Miguel Ferrer, AKA Owen Granger from NCIS: LA. In the show, he is one of the leading figures within NCIS, and he's brilliant on-screen, bringing comedy through his reactions, as opposed to saying anything himself. This is all he would need to do if he is with Ryan Reynolds, who can easily take care of the actual joking part!

John C Reilly As Hooked Hand Thug

While we could spend time carefully going through each and every one of the rogues with dreams in the dive bar that Rapunzel and Flynn visit, the main man is the one that kicks off all of the singing, that's the hooked hand thug that wants to be a concert pianist. John C. Reilly is the kind of comedian that doesn't mind fun at his own expense, and that's certainly the hooked hand thug, he's the kind of guy who looks like a villain but is in reality a nice guy, and Reilly personifies this in his role as Wreck-it Ralph, which he could definitely bring to this role!

So there it is folks! That's how I think Tangled could be brought back to the big screen in live-action form! Check out my favourite scene from the original animated version below, as well as links to some of my other Disney live-action fan casting series! Make sure to come back in two days time for the next instalment in the series, focusing on Lilo and Stitch!


Which fan casting was your favourite?


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