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Tim Horton

Fallout 4's ultimate fantasy deathmatches just keep getting more and more brutal. Who wins when a thousand Deathclaws - the toughest, most ill-tempered beasts from the wasteland - go head-to-head with Ten Liberty Primes, the height of post-apocalyptic military achievement?

There is only one way to find out, FIGHT! In this battle, we have ten of the toughest mech machines in the Commonwealth surrounded by an army of a thousand Deathclaws.

Courtesy of EZPlays, YouTube's resident Fallout 4 fantasy battle puppet master, the video pits two titans of the plains against each other. But what will happen?

I imagine this playing out like something you see on the nature channel; a thousand individually much weaker creatures combine, swarm and consume the bigger stronger enemy. Let's take a look - buckle up!

Well, that played out completely differently to what I had in mind. Another example of how superior technology will, in most cases, triumph over brawn. As they say, the meek shall inherit the Earth... So long as they have access to a few Liberty Primes of course.

As a community, we are now hundreds of thousands of hours into Fallout 4 and we are still finding new content, new locations and all new side stories - a bottomless bucket of adventure to appease our exploratory lust. This is a testament to a stellar and totally enthralling game.

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