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Games are awesome!

The film is good, the only question is how good. Well, my friends, I am sadly old enough to remember Star Wars the first time around and then of course there were the **** misjudged prequels that we all wished we hadn't been exposed to.

The Force Awakens though is a different animal to the latter Lucas monstrosities. This is REAL Star Wars. JJ Abrams sets us right back into the Star Wars universe and as Han says at one point, it feels like coming home.

The trailers previously released were masterful in the way that they diverted attention away from the real plot of the film. I will also say that ALL of the newcomers give brilliant performances. There was more genuine comedy in the film than someone like Adam Sandler could muster over an entire career. It really is laugh out loud funny in several places and in BB8 a star is born. But then SW has always had humour, because it is realistic, it's lifelike. And just as in life, the SW universe has laughter and tears, light and dark.

Faced with the huge weight of this task, it was inconceivable that Abrams would do as good a job as he did with the Star Trek franchise but honestly he actually surpassed it. This film is everything the prequels weren't. It respects and inhabits the SW universe but also respects the audience too. We had no right to expect the film would be this good. We can only be thankful that it is.

“This will begin to make things right.” So speaks Max Von Sydow in the first words of The Force Awakens; and how appropriate that is. In short, The Force Awakens is an enormous triumph, a return to the ways of the original trilogy, and, specifically, what made them so loved, and so good. All due respect and admiration to George Lucas for creating the Star Wars universe, but JJ Abrams truly seems to understand what made the originals so damn good better than Lucas himself- intrigue. Mysticism. Tragedy. Fun. Is it a perfect movie? No. No movie is, truly. But for everything that didn’t quite sit right- of which there aren’t many- there were a plethora of other things which Abrams and his crew perfectly hit the target with.

The Force Awakens is a sequel worth waiting 30 years for (and it is, make no mistake, the best Star Wars movie since at least 1983), with a stellar cast (Ridley and Driver shine, but every new and old face alike command the screen and so obviously want to be there, and that brings the whole thing to life); incredible direction and smart writing; and stunning aliens, visuals, and great characters- all of which are so fresh and unique with the perfect blend of old and new it injects life into this universe sometimes just by aesthetic, with Chewie, Han and C390 still bringing the laugh, while new additions like BB-8 cement themselves as worthy, the quirky droid destined to be a fan favourite and loved as only two droids ever have been. How I’ve missed the magic of this galaxy, far, far away. And here we are, launched back into two and a half hours of sheer brilliance, with all of the magic, wit and fun which made the original trilogy what it was. Episode VII is certainly a great indicator for things to come, leaving you craving more with its phenomenal ending and, even still, it provides a triumphant, hugely satisfying adventure on its own, realising my hopes as a fan, and surpassing them. Accordingly, while no movie is perfect, it gets a 10 from me

Unfortunately Han Solo dies in the last 20 mins


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