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Hello reader! Thor is a pretty awesome character! Unfortunately, he hasn’t done so well on the big screen so far. Although the first two movies were good, they pale in comparison to 'Iron Man' and to 'Captain America: Winter Soldier’ as well to 'Guardians of the Galaxy’ (which came out of no where!). Many people speculate that the third installment to the Thor trilogy is Hemworth's final chance at a really great movie in order to meet the standards set by his peers within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The third Thor movie is incidentally called ‘Ragnarok', which could mean one of two things according to the history of past comics. It is either the mythological Norse event when many of the Gods die and the world is then reborn; or it refers to a cyborg clone of Thor which Tony Stark created using a strand of Thor’s hair. The latter is highly doubtful, as although Tony doesn’t make the right decision at times, even he would not make the same mistake twice (remember 'Avengers: Age of Ultron’?). So that leaves the Ragnarok storyline. The main characters of this story (assumed by me, and of course I could be wrong!) will likely be:

Thor, obviously, as the main character of the trilogy,

Loki, his brother, who causes the events to actually start and who is also a main character in the Thor trilogy,

Jane Foster, Thor’s love interest, will likely play a large role in this event,

Hulk, fellow avenger, since Mark Ruffalo, the actor playing the Hulk, has been confirmed to be in the upcoming movie...

...and Surtur, the fire demon who is supposedly the main antagonist of the movie.

I generally based the poster’s cover off of this comic book cover:

I directly transferred the part where Thor raises up Mjolnir in his last stand, but I added the lightning for effect to showcase the different characters.


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