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In an amazing feat of perseverance, skill and general badassery, a blind gamer has completed The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time after almost five years of toiling away at the classic adventurer.

Terry Garrett, better known as YouTube's MegaTgarrett, first began his jaunt through Hyrule way back in 2011 and documented his journey as proof that he could make the leap from 2D games to 3D environments. And finally completed his quest at the break of the New Year after finally taking down the deadly pig beast, demon thing Ganon.

Though this feat is incredible to begin with, where it becomes even more amazing is how Garrett navigates his way through the game world. Using in-game sounds and stereo speakers mounted on his left and right, the former engineering student used a form of echolocation to accomplish his task.

Sounds such as the clank of Link's hookshot — a retractable chain weapon that is as seminal as it is awesome — ricocheting off walls or the twinkling of fairy companion Navi's wings allowed Garrett to pinpoint his location with incredible accuracy.

But if echolocation was to fail, using an emulated version of OoT meant Garrett was able to create save states which, in turn, allowed him to jump back into action instantaneously by placing him back in a save spot he made a few minutes beforehand and trying all over again.

What will really blow your mind though is the next video where Garrett takes on that notoriously swear word inducing Water Temple - aka That Damp Bastard - and finally takes down its boss Morpha with a humble "yes! Finally beat her!"

This is a feat that would make Din, Nayru and Farore proud! A huge amount of congrats is deservedly yours, MegaTgarrett! Now...what game are you contemplating destroying next?

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