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Author's Note

Stromboli is a fan fiction based on the Disney classic Pinocchio. In this story, Pinocchio is grown up, and the terrifying puppet-master Stromboli has returned with a vendetta - he wants Pinocchio dead.

But Stromboli is not the only one who wants Pinocchio gone. Pinocchio is the only one who knows about Pleasure Island, and as more children go missing in the town where he lives, Honest John and The Coachman become increasingly worried that Pinocchio will say something. Pinocchio is in grave danger - can he save the lost children before Stromboli, John, or The Coachman find him?...

So far I have had a lot of fun writing this story, which I had first intended to be a short story - but it's going to be a little longer than I thought. I will upload the story in parts and as often as possible. Some parts will be Open Lists or Polls, which means you get to decide what happens next in Stromboli.

I have not read the book Pinocchio, and everything within this story is purely based on the 1940 animated Disney film. I have decided not to research or read the book by Carlo Collodi either because I want to avoid being influenced by it. Pinocchio is one of my favourite films, and whilst watching it I saw the potential for another story that could be much darker - then I had an idea that demanded to be written.

I hope you'll enjoy reading Stromboli as much as I am writing it.

Kathryn Morris (Author)


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