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Silent Hills fans rejoice! You can now re-download and replay the previously pulled, horror smash, Silent Hills P.T!

It was the collaboration that shocked the gaming world. Casting our minds back briefly, it was the most unusual of video game announcements. At Sony’s GamesCom14 press conference in Cologne, a new horror game known only as ‘P.T.’ was unveiled to the world. The world's first ever ‘interactive trailer’, that would be available to download on the PlayStation store.

Walking Dead star, Norman Reedus was the lead in a paralyzing tale written and directed by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro. This all new game promised to be one of the scariest horror adventures ever devised.

Alas, it was not meant to be. You all know the story - Konami's relationships with game developers, Hideo Kojima broke down somewhat catastrophically, prematurely bringing about the end of the new Silent Hills project and Kojima's future with Konami.

Stop yapping and tell us the trick!

Ok, that's enough background. First off, this trick is only available to those of you out there that downloaded the original teaser onto your PS4. Discovered by a member of the gaming forum over at Gamexeon, these simple steps will allow you to re-download and play the infamous Silent Hills teaser to your heart's content, or until you run out of clean underwear.

You must first download a PC application called Squid, Squid which allows you to access your entire gaming library via a proxy server. This library will include all the games and titles you have ever owned/downloaded. If you downloaded P.T. previously then lo and behold, there it will remain. Simply click on the chosen title and click install. This will reinstall the game onto your PS4. Here's how it's done.

A word of caution to this tale...

As with any 'fix', there are always the occasional side effects. If you are planning on giving this a try you must take into consideration that this is an external application not accredited with Sony and the PS4 system. This trick or 'get around' is again not endorsed by Sony and we are certainly not responsible for your actions. Re-downloading this title could even result in a ban from the PS4 network.

It is worth stating that there have been many re-downloads of the game and no one in the forum has reported any such problems, but it is certainly worth bearing these factors in mind.

Well, there you go - Silent Hills P.T. lives on, it exists in another time and space. If you do go ahead with the re-download, make sure you crank your system up to eleven, turn off the lights and make the most of this never to be, horror classic.

I have got to say - P.T. was the unrivaled champion of horror at Gamescom 14. I would stretch to say that its popularity even bested many other full horror titles that were released in 2014/15. P.T. immediately took the player out of their comfort zone. It was a truly awkward game to play. And I loved it!

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