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Happy New Year everyone! We wish you all a happy, healthy and creative 2016. Without further ado, the first 'top 10' of the new year. Exciting stuff, I know! We've had some fantastic first posts by new Creators this week, from interesting opinion pieces to incredible, mind-blowing fan art. It's time to welcome some of our newest cool kids the only way we know how. Let's not waste another minute.

1. A Guide to the Upcoming Movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe BY Jude Rodriguez

It's 2016, and a new year means we've got 12 whole months of new movies to look forward to. From the high-anticipated Captain America: Civil War to admiring Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange, Marvel is ready to impress us with their blockbusters this year. Not sure what we have to look forward to? New Creator Jude Rodriguez has got you covered. Be sure to check out his guide to the MCU!

2. The Eight Best Cartoon Inventors BY Drakadarner OfScotts

Raise your hand if you're a big cartoon fan! *raises hand* There are a million reasons why you should be spending every Sunday morning in front of the television watching The Simpsons and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and one of those reasons is the inventions cartoon characters come up with. Don't know what in the world i'm talking about? Creator Drakadarner OfScotts is here to list the 8 best cartoon inventions for you, and for that we are very grateful.

3. Infinity War and MCU Phases 4-6 BY Brandon Milby

Let's be honest, there is no such thing as "too many fan theories". Brandon Milby has got an interesting one for you that you won't want to miss. As the title of his article suggests, his theory branches into two distinct sections: the tentative basis for the plot of Infinity War Parts I and II and a potential outline for the overarching plan of MCU Phases 4-6 starting with Inhumans in 2019. Check it out!

4. Studio Ghibli Collection BY Erin Fitzgerald

Studio Ghibli is known for its beautiful creations, and adored all over the world for a very good reason. It's only natural that artists decide to pay tribute to the fantastic world of Studio Ghibli through their art. Erin Fitzgerald has created 3 magnificent posters because "[she's] always believed that if [she wants] a poster of something [she loves], [she's] going to make it [herself]." We're glad she did.

5. The Top Games That Should Be Translated Into Film BY Stevie Ray Levin

According to Stevie Ray Levin "the worlds of video games and film haven't been able to get along very often." and I think he might be right, which is a shame because there's so much potential there. Many of the games that have made it into his list are considered very rich and original with ideas, imagery, and stories we don't see very often in theaters. Let's just hope we will in the near future.

6. 'The Thing In The Apartment' Will Scare You To Death BY John William Ross

I'll be honest, I don't like to be scared, but when it comes to fantastic horror shorts I might just make an exception. The Thing in the Apartment by John William Ross is one of those exceptions. Have you ever heard a noise in your home and weren't sure where it was coming from? The Thing in the Apartment taps right into that scary feeling. I dare you to watch this fantastic short, at your own risk.

7. Inktober: 31 Days 31 Drawings BY Kreg Franco

I had never heard of Inktober until I came across Kreg Franco's magnificent work. He created a total of 31 beautiful pieces over a time span of - you guessed it - 31 days, and the result is pretty damn impressive. From Batman to Thor, from Mad Max to Michonne, his Inktober series features some of our favorite television, film and gaming characters. Check it out and show Kreg some love in the comments.

8. Cyborg-Supergirl on "Supergirl" BY Charley Newman

Who was that mystery girl at the end of Supergirl's most recent episode "Blood Bonds"? It's a question that many Supergirl fans would like answered. Unleash the fan theories! New Creator Charley Newman has got a few things to say as to who this "Jane Doe" might be that were definitely worth checking out. Her guess is Cyborg-Supergirl and she's got the reasoning to back it up. What do you think?

9. Will 'Annihilation' Work as a Movie? BY Tara Foulkrod

Jeff VanderMeer has a way with words, which is why many can't wait to see his novel Annihilation on the big screen. Director Alex Garland will be directing the movie adaptation, and after seeing Ex-Machina I've got nothing but faith in this man's abilities to direct a solid film. Tara Foulkrod discusses whether or not the Annihilation will work as a movie. Don't forget to weigh in on the discussion!

10. Who is Star Wars' New Hero Rey, and Why the Hell Do We Care So Much? BY Lauryn Zaimes

Who is Rey, and why in the world do we feel like we NEED to know? Those are two questions New Creator Lauryn Zaimes poses in her article. Those of us who thought that The Force Awakens would answer all our questions were definitely wrong, because that is exactly what we were left with: questions. Lots and lots of questions. So, who is Rey? Lauryn has a couple of theories of her own so be sure to check out her post, to weigh in on the discussion and to share your own.

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