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Anna Camp and Skylar Astin have been making sweet music together on Pitch Perfect and now their real life harmony has reached a crescendo in the form of an adorable Instagram engagement announcement!

The loved up co stars announced they they had decided to put a ring on their two and a half year long relly yesterday with the sweet snap below:

Fans of the couple won't be surprised that these love birds have decided to make things official though, because this pair aren't shy about wearing their hearts on their sleeves!

Back in May, Anna gushed about her boyfriend and costar to E! when she explained how great woking together was, Camp told interviews that:

"The funny thing is, is that we never ever have any scenes together. So, yeah, it was great. We had a great time when we saw each other on set. It was awesome.We're really best friends, so it's awesome."

And the feeling is (obviously) mutual, Astin has also written some suitably gushing things about his bride to be on Instagram including the following adorable caption:

"Proud to stand next to this woman. Nobody pinch me. I am the luckiest man."


(Source: Vulture)


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