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Hey guys, sorry for the hiatus with college and working two jobs I've had a little trouble thinking of ideas to write about. Since I am hopefully going to be doing a panel on this subject at my school's annual Minicon, I might as well do a post on it too.

To make a original character is pretty easy actually, and yet I don't see many OCs. I have nothing against canon characters it is just that I prefer OC as you have more freedom in the creation of it and the costume. Anyway to create an original character you can just follow a few steps. First off is the OC from any specific mythos or universe. So far I have done OCs for Starship Troopers, Resident Evil, Assassin's Creed, Supernatural, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist (manga not the 2003 anime). Figuring out the world your character comes from is the easiest part in my opinion.

Me as a Jonin from Konohagakure
Me as a Jonin from Konohagakure

After that you want to figure out who the character is. What their name is, if the world they come from has any special powers i.e. if you did a Soul Reaper from Bleach what rank do they hold, what squad, do they have a shikai or bankai. Any kido that they can use, stuff like that. Once you can figure that out you can work on the backstory, that or do backstory first then abilities. Either way you need to have a backstory. Such as the case of the Assassin character I did. I named him Alex McQuillan, he was an Irish-American assassin. His family has been Assassin's for generations and whenever the oldest son was given his first hidden blade it would be the blade that was given to the first assassin from their family. It was a right of passage type deal for their family. Shortly after becoming an assassin and while on his first mission, the Templars came and attacked his family. Most made it out but his brother was among the casualties. That put him on the path that he is on now.

See, how that gave the character a bit more depth. I could keep going but my Assassin character isn't the focus of this post. Another thing you have to do is figure out the wardrobe for the costume. An example for that would be let's say you are an alchemist from Amestris (or Xing). Would you wear gloves like Roy Mustang, or have tattoos like Scar or Kimblee. Even the smallest details can make a character better. Or in the case of alchemy would the character be a state alchemist.

So just by following the steps I've talked about you can make a original character. Granted people have their own methods and that is just fine, who knows maybe you will come up with your own way after reading what I have posted. Hope this helps and have fun cosplaying.


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