ByAndrew Whitehouse, writer at

So after reading this article about George Lucas calling Disney "White Slavers" I tend to feel an undercurrent of bitterness as Disney Succeed where ultimately he failed. The fact that the EP1-3 films didn't hit the mark with fans was largely down to what I thought was a lack of idea about which direction be wanted the new films to go in. They were littered with a mix of genius moments and downright cringe worthy messy moments and characters that we all wanted to forget.

He killed off arguably the best character in EP1 in Darth Maul and created the worst Sci Fi character of all time in Jar Jar Binks. I always felt it was a missed opportunity to build on his brilliance of the original series of films and I dread to think which direction he would have taken his versions of the new films in.

Lucas made the right decision in letting go of his "kids" as he called them and let a fresh approach revitalise the genre. But comments like this will not really offer respect from fans and he really needs to accept he now has no control over the direction in which the saga will now go.

It's a breath of fresh air from Disney and the anticipation of what directions the stories will go in for the future puts George Lucas' comments truly on the back burner.


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