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We've only got a few hours to go until the next Steven Bomb begins! And thanks to a veritable avalanche of teasers and clips, there's plenty to get us excited for a whole week of Steven Universe episodes. And, as is tradition with Steven Universe promos, there's plenty of hidden hints for us to analyse. So let's get to it!

Will The Steven Bomb Introduce Yellow Diamond?

Thanks to the teasers, this seems like a distinct possibility! Check it out...

It looks like Peridot's about to drop some more vital information about Homeworld hierarchy, specifically the Diamonds who control all of Gem life. This is something fans (and Ronaldo) have been wondering about since season 1. So let's quickly recap what we know so far...

What Peridot has to say confirms what we already know, and sheds some more light on this issue.

"They're objectively better than us. Every Gem has their strengths and weakness, but not them. They're absolutely totally completely flawless beings! Especially my diamond: Yellow Diamond."
Our first glimpse of Yellow Diamond
Our first glimpse of Yellow Diamond

As with all Gem social structures, the leaders are determined by the qualities of the Gems themselves. In real life, diamonds are super strong and are obviously very valuable, so it makes sense for them to rule the Gem hierarchy. Of course, Peridot is very biased so we don't know how much we can trust her claim that the Diamonds are "totally flawless". But the way she describes Yellow Diamond is very interesting...

"The most perfect, the most reasonable, rational, efficient decider ever to exist in the universe!"

Admitedly we don't know much about her, but up until this point, Yellow Diamond seemed like a ruthless leader intent on destroying the Earth. To hear her described at "reasonable" is surprising, and the term "decider" is intriguing. Is she seen as a judge of sorts? Well we might not have long to wait until we find out, because she might be about to arrive on Earth!

Yellow Diamond Descends

In this promo, we catch a glimpse of what could be Yellow Diamond's ship landing on Earth...

Yellow Diamond's spaceship?
Yellow Diamond's spaceship?

Yellow? Diamond shaped? Peridot looking up with wonderment and joy? That definitely adds up to something related to Yellow Diamond, and considering it's descending from the sky it could just be her spaceship.

This may not not look like what we conventionally think of as a spaceship, but that's never stopped Steven Universe before...

Jasper's ship
Jasper's ship

So what can we expect to happen if Yellow Diamond really does arrive on Earth in the Steven Bomb? It would have a huge effect on the plot - breaking the truce between the Crystal Gems and Peridot, and giving the Crystal Gems a huge villain to defeat if they want to destroy the Cluster.

Honestly, it seems like this is too big of a climax to happen mid way through season 2. The Gems still have to achieve so much, and Yellow Diamond's arrival might be better suited to later in the season. That being said, Steven Universe is full of surprises and definitely doesn't have a conventional plot structure. However this turns out, colour me excited!

Oh, and the diamond shaped thing could actually be this machine...

Why is Peridot attacking the Crystal Gems?
Why is Peridot attacking the Crystal Gems?

So what do you want to happen in the Steven Bomb? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!

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