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1. Leigh Wannell wrote the first two Insidious movies. He wrote and directed (and acted in) this one.

2. This one does not start where Chapter 2 left off. Chapter 2 was left hanging. Instead, this movie is a prequel to both of the previous films. It's about a new family, but they have the usual “Insdious” problems: an evil spirit has attached itself to a kid and wants her soul. Elise the psychic has to go into The Further to save her, blah blah blah. It’s kind of Chapter 1 all over again.

3. Whannell does his usual clever job of connecting stories. As the movie picks up, it gradually widens its scope until you see how it’s not really a stand-alone film. It connects to both of the other chapters.

4. In this day and age, everybody should know not to look under beds in the middle of the night. If you do that, you deserve what happens to you.

5. Elise is really the heart of this film. She’s kind of a badass.

6. One of the great things about this series is that the demons are fairly original and actually creepy. Chapter 1 had the Lipstick-Face Demon (yes, that’s what it was called), Chapter 2 had the Bride in Black, and Chapter 3 has the Demon That Can’t Breathe.

7. Like the other two movies, this one has some legitimately unsettling scenes and some effective jump scares. It’s not original enough to actually sustain the fear, but it hits most of the marks.

8. The climax is kind of dumb, cheesy and predictable. I was unimpressed.

9. This movie doesn’t have as much cleverness as the other two, and we’ve already seen the scary places – twice. So it doesn’t hold up quite as well as it could have. But it’s a decent flick, and it was fun to see the various characters and demons all showing up for this movie. Fans of the series will find it worth seeing.


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