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Well it's now 2016 and after a long hiatus from me, it's time to make the list everybody is doing: the best movies of 2015 list. Now I want you all to keep in mind when you're reading this list that I did not watch every movie that came out this year and I'll give a few examples of movies I haven't seen yet:

  • 1. Ex Machina
  • 2. Creed
  • 3. The Hateful Eight
  • 4. Spectre
  • 5. The Martian

If you're expecting them on this list, then my apologies. I will see them, don't worry but not until later in 2016. Now that we got that out of the way...

I never get tired of this gif ^_^
I never get tired of this gif ^_^

8. Cinderella

Talk about a surprising movie. I had little to no interest in this movie, I was expecting another Maleficent or Snow White and the Huntsman but upon watching I found myself enjoying it quite a bit. Lily James did an excellent job portraying the character, Kenneth Branagh films everything exquisitely, most of the actors do a great job with their roles (with a surprisingly good portrayal of the prince), and overall it was a good retelling of the story with enough changes to not make it seem like a total remake of the animated movie.

7. Furious 7

There are some movies that I am willing to shut my brain off for and that is definitely the case here: Furious 7 is a silly but extremely fun action flick that I had a blast seeing in my first IMAX experience ever. Not only that but this was the movie I got to see on my first trip to Los Angeles at an early screening for Moviepilot and I cannot thank the staff of Moviepilot enough for the amazing trip.

6. Krampus

Another surprise for me. While I had a interest in this one, I never expected to love this movie so much when I walked out of the theater: great performances (Adam Scott being my favorite), brilliant concept, great throwbacks to Evil Dead and Gremlins as well as many Holiday classics, amazing practical effects, some genuine scares, and just an overall fun movie. I had a blast and I can't wait to watch it again next year.

5. Inside Out

Ah Pixar can you do no wrong?....Except for Brave and Cars 2? Not only is this movie funny with a great concept it is also very intelligent in how it portrays the emotions of this young child. I really related to Riley, there was a slew of bad things that happened to me around her age so I nearly cried many times during this movie. That's really all I can say, if you haven't seen it go check it out! Who's your friend who loves to play?

4. Mad Max: Fury Road

WHAT A LOVELY MOVIE! OH WHAT A LOVELY MOVIE! THIS is how you do a post apocalypse movie: make it wild, crazy, and a whole bunch of fun. While I have no hatred for CGI, I do admire practical effects more and the fact that 95% of this movie is practical gives it several more awesomeness points. I loved watching this movie, it was such a thrill ride that I will never forget.

3. Ant-Man

After the huge disappointment that was Avengers: Age of Ultron, I wasn't sure if Ant-Man could redeem Marvel for this year but obviously it did. Just like Guardians of the Galaxy (my number one of 2014) it took a character that in the long run you think wouldn't work but they got a good writer, director, and a stellar cast and BOOM! Insta-Classic movie! I admire the fact that this is not a superhero movie at all, it's a heist movie with a guy who can shrink down and communicate with ants. They did something different rather than have Ant-man fight bad guys and there are bad guys such as the villain Yellowjacket, who I feel is underrated as a villain. Certainly better than Ultron, who is featured in one of the coolest climaxes I've ever seen.

2. Jurassic World

This movie was quite the enigma for me in terms if I wanted to see it. The first three Jurassic Park movies have aged about as well as twenty year old milk in my opinion, I mean they kind of suck now and I knew that with Jurassic World that it would either be the best of the franchise or it would fail like Jurassic Park 3 did. And much to my surprise, I ended up loving this movie. Finally they went the route I have been waiting for: an action flick. Not a bunch of people running and screaming, there is actual action scenes that are filmed beautifully with amazing CGI for the dinosaurs. The last fifteen minutes of this movie were about as epic as can be. Chris Pratt did an amazing job as Owen Grady and other than a wasted Vincent D'onofrio, most of the performances were good including the kids, major upgrade from the original movies.

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Are you really surprised? Yeah sometimes you have to let that nerd side of you speak and right now it says that the Force Awakens is not only the best movie of the year but one of the best movies in recent years. Welcome back Star Wars and great job J.J. Abrams for bringing life to Star Wars after so many years. Fantastic characters (Finn being my favorite), great villain, amazing action scenes, good story, and FREAKING AWESOME overall! Cannot wait for the next movie!

So those were my personal picks for the best movies of 2015, if you disagree then all power to you just don't be mean about it in the comments. Tell me what your picks were and I hope you enjoyed this list!


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