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Looks like nothing Miley Cyrus does is too weird to keep Liam away! New photos suggest the previously engaged couple is back on!

Well I did NOT see this one coming. It seemed as though Liam Hemsowrth and Miley Cyrus had decided to go their separate ways after breaking off their engagement in 2013. Miley was taking a very... interesting new career direction while Liam was experiencing new found fame in The Hunger Games films, and their career choices just didn't appear to leave them on the same page. Both were DEVASTATED by the break-up and vocalized it multiple times over the years to the media with Liam recently getting candid with Elle magazine saying his feelings for Miley will never change. Well, he wasn't making that up folks! Miley and Liam were photographed this weekend TOGETHER at a music festival in Australia getting quite cozy!

The Daily Telegraph reports the pair was spotted kissing while partying it up in a VIP tent along with Liam's brothers Chris, Luke, and their wives. If his family was there with them, you know this is no joke. The Daily Telegraph also posted photographs of the couple together at the Byron Bay Falls Music festival to prove it!

That isn't all, Miley Cyrus was also in attendance and photographed along with Liam at the Hemsworth's Wild West themed New Year's Eve party!

via Instagram
via Instagram

However, the speculation of their rekindling romance began even earlier than that when an animal rescue foundation posted an Instagram photo thanking Miley Cyrus for helping Liam find his dream rescue dog.

As we said earlier, the pair have been very open about missing eachother and still loving one another despite their break-up, so it truly is no shocker the couple's spark may be reigniting. At the time of their fallout many speculated that the break-up was due to Miley's wild new behavior and career moves and how it could be potentially damning to Liam's budding new fame. Well, looks like they just don't care anymore!

Plus, we have to admit, the couple looks pretty dang snazzy together!


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