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Baldwin Collins

The Historical origin of Marvel's character was created by writer/artist Jack Kirby and then writer Stan Lee in May (1963). First appeared as a white male, in Marvel's comic titled '' SGT. FURY AND HIS HOWLING COMMANDO'S '' ISSUE # 1. The character as a Cigar-smoking leader of an Elite U.S. army unit. what you could say, very Similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger's commando character, in the movie. However the comic Book fury was set in the period of world war 2.

Who first played Nick Fury in live-action ? actor David Hasselhoff debut the Character in (1998) in a made for t v movie, ''Nick Fury , Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.'' 10 years later, actor Samuel l. Jackson appeared in a cameo role as Nick Fury in the end of Marvel's Hit movie ''IRON MAN'' (2008) the appearance sparked an air of Excitement Among Fans.

It was probably the re-imaging of the Nick Fury Character in comic Book form that inspired the film makers to Cast Samuel l. Jackson as Fury. However Appearing 9 times as Nick Fury and Having more screen time, in Captain America. winter soldier'' (2014). The Character isn't in Captain America. Civil War. (2016) So the Question still remains, When will we see the Legendary Nick Fury return in a Stand Alone Origin movie ?


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