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A trailer's job is to sell us on its product. Horror video game trailers specifically entice us with stunning graphics, grand music and chilling ambiance. They also capture the overall atmosphere of the games they're marketing. This is an impressive feat in itself, as trailers only have three minutes or less (gameplay trailers are usually ten minutes or longer) to do so. In 2015 alone, we were with walloped with countless horror video game trailers that downright frightened us. Now, let's get started with the top five horror video game trailers of 2015!

5. Outlast 2


Granted, this trailer is incredibly simplistic. There's not much going on besides this upside down cross burning. However, combined with dramatic music, hauntingly cryptic dialogue and the isolated setting, it seems like something straight out of a thriller movie. There's also the hype behind the sequel to one of the most acclaimed horror games in the last decade, Outlast. Outlast 2 is slated for a fall release this year.

4. Friday the 13: The Game


Jason is one of the most iconic figures in the horror genre and was the lead antagonist of the Friday the 13th franchise. Now, in this upcoming 2016 (release date unknown) game you'll have the chance to be the man behind the hockey mask and raise hell on Crystal Lake. The visuals and atmosphere in this trailer are top notch. The foreboding instrumental score, lighting and moonlit tranquil lake setting indicate a sinister presence lurking. The teens' voice acting is a bit spotty, but the chilling narration from Jason's mother carries the segment.

3. The Hum: Abductions


This gameplay trailer features a mother just putting her child to bed when strange things begin occurring. She sees shadows, bright iridescent lights and doors shutting and closing on their own. What's even more perplexing is that she deduced who or what it was almost immediately, and was expecting their arrival. It sends multiple questions running through your head on what and will transpire, especially with her kid being taken. The Hum: Abductions will be out sometime in 2016. On its website, it said the game will not take just take place in the house, but also some of the neighborhood too.

2. Perception


Now, this is a setup we haven't seen, or at least seen in awhile. This game's perspective comes entirely from a blind woman name Cassie. She's able to see her surroundings with the use of echolocation, by tapping her cane on the ground. However, once she enters the house this will simultaneously put her at a disadvantage as the noise could/will attract a dangerous apparition known as "the Presence". The sound is amplified, so everything from the wind to the noises in the estate are heightened. I found myself being startled by the inconsistent echos, let alone the big fright at the end. It'll be out sometime this year, but there's no official date yet.

1. Allison Road


Allison Road has been described as the "spiritual successor of Silent Hill's P.T." In a sense, it is. The setting appears authentic; it's mostly silent and there's plenty of disturbing imagery. However, Allison Road is completely its own game. The interaction with objects is different; you can store items in your inventory (some to be used as weapons) and exploration seems to be free-range. It doesn't pack as many scares as P.T. did, but its spooky tone and shocking jump scare at the end definitely qualify it as a potential pants-shitting horrifying game. Allison Road is due to be released sometime later this year.

For horror trailers to be successful they need to be scary, have decent graphics and an immersive atmosphere. When we play these types of games we expect to be frightened and on the edge of our seats. Not only that, but if it needs to be entertaining as well, and have an engaging plot. How else will gamers get invested? Blood, gore and titties don't entirely cut it (maybe for some, but not everyone). Fortunately, these trailers went above and beyond to accomplish this.



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