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So with all of the excitement building to the return of Arrow and The Flash in a couple of weeks, as well as the debut of Legends of Tomorrow, there is yet another exciting tidbit for fans of the Flarrowverse.

So, if you've already seen this promo for the first episode back, you'll know that it looks very much like team Flash is headed to Earth-2, after Zoom kidnaps Patty Spivot. We've had our first glimpses of the Earth-2 versions of Caitlyn Snow, Barry Allen, Iris West, and possibly Eobard Thawne, but you can read about all of that here.

The new piece of news is that former cast member Robbie Amell is returning to the show to reprise his role of Ronnie Raymond. Now, I know what you are thinking, he died.

While we don't see Ronnie dying here, it seems pretty certain. He was sucked into a singularity which there is pretty much no escaping. However, there's no reason that Ronnie needs to be alive for Amell to return to the show, no reason THAT Ronnie has to be alive anyway.

As it turns out, when Amell returns to the show, he will actually be playing Ronnie Raymond of Earth-2, and he won't quite be Firestorm this time. He will actually have taken on the mantle of...


If that isn't the coolest name you've ever heard, please comment on this article with a cooler one.

Deathstorm is actually the name taken on by Ronnie Raymond in DC comics when he was resurrected during the events of the series Blackest Night. At other times, Dr Martin Stein has also been the villain. It looks like on Earth-2 Ronnie, much like Caitlyn, became a villain instead of a hero. It really looks like Jay Garrick was surrounded by villains on his Earth, which is a shame really. It would be interesting to see a villainous character actually being good on Earth-2, like Captain Cold. For now though, it looks like Team Flash is set to find a lot of trouble for themselves when they follow Zoom through the portal.

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