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This indie feminist thriller tries hard to make an important statement. It almost works.

1. I greatly respect this movie for trying a unique approach to the subject of rape culture.

2. Unfortunately, this mumblecore psychodrama is a little too slow and obvious to really be as effective as it wants to be.

3. It's about a girl named Amy, who has survived some kind of unnamed sexual trauma, and who invents some rather disturbing ways to deal with it. She's obsessed with penis imagery, and develops a couple of alternate personalities.

4. It was directed by Jason Banker, who made the oddly cool Toad Road. He's a talented filmmaker, but this movie feels more like a college film project, which also makes it seem a little pretentious.

5. The character of Amy is played by a woman named Amy Everson. She has said she drew on her own personal experiences for her role.

6. The main problem with the movie is how unrealistic it is. People would not act that way in real life, especially when reacting to Amy's increasing downward spiral.

7. There's a "shocking" ending that is hinted at for most of the movie, so it's about as shocking as a dead battery. It also would never happen that way.

8. The final 30 seconds of the film would have worked better in the middle of the movie. But by the time the story gets to Amy's core issue, it's over.

9. There is a good movie in here somewhere. But it's hidden under a lot of random conversations and weird behavior that don't advance the story. So it ends up sabotaging its own agenda.


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