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The Lion King has been a massive hit grossing over $907 million dollars! I have watched all three of the movies but personally the 1st one is my favourite out of them all!

The Lion King 2 was amazing aswell! I am really happy that Kiara and Kovu saved the the Pridelands and everyone is at peace once again! Including Simba and Nala. But what will happen next for them? Lots of fans are so desperate for the next movie that they are begging to see what Kovu and Kiaras Cubs will be like! There are still some unanswered questions though. At the moment fans are speculating about Scars death and if he actually got eaten by the hyenas some say that there is a possibility that he could have survived the attack! As for Simba and Nala fans think that they will still rule Pride rock during their reign. So, what do you guys think?


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