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Ever since it was announced that Dimension Films was moving forward with a "recalibrated" Halloween film that would serve as a direct sequel to 1978's "Halloween" & 1981's "Halloween II", many fans were more than excited to see the franchise return to it's original roots. Unfortunately the excitement has come to an end with the announcement that the film is no longer happening as Dimension Films has lost the rights to the "Halloween" franchise. The studio has carried the franchise since 1995 with the release of "Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers" which was followed by two loose sequels & later two remakes.
According to TheWraps confirmation of Bloody's report, Miramax is now looking for other studios to purchase the rights to the "Halloween" franchise. One thing that fans should look forward to is if New Line or Paramount gain rights to the franchise expect to see a potential Freddy Vs. Michael/Michael Vs. Jason crossover film. Another company that could also gain the rights to the franchise is Platinum Dunes as they had previously expressed interest in acquiring rights to the franchise even showing concept art & an animated storyboard sequence of what the reboot would have looked like. Seeing as "Halloween Returns" is now scrapped, everything is now back to square one as it is now unclear as to whether the film will even be connected to any of the films or an entirely new reboot.



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