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Pablo Hidalgo, of the Star Wars / Lucasfilm Story Group, has confirmed via twitter that the name given as the "home of the first Jedi temple" in the junior novelization of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is accurate.


How this world, new to the map, relates to the Legends series (Dawn of the Jedi) detailing the beginnings of the Jedi, if at all, has yet to be explored. Early reddits speculated this world to be Rakata Prime, until Hidalgo decisively said it was not. The Unknown Regions open up onto a vast wealth of legends and lore, both explored and unexplored.

For now, it's just good to know that the home of Luke's hermitage is named and confirmed.

As reported by Cosmic Book News, Newsarama, and elsewhere, the Writers Guild of America script for the film also confirms the name.

The shooting on Skellig Michael island is explored in an excellent (if brief) video from the Irish Film Board / Discover Ireland.


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