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Every time I've babysat for a family, I usually find a little list of rules I must abide by. A few common ones include the schedule for dinner, bath time, bed time, and to include a sippy cup of water bedside for the kids in case they wake up in the middle of the night feeling parched.

But if I found myself in the predicament that Lauren Cohan's character Greta experiences in The Boy: I couldn't take these rules seriously. First of all, I don't do well with creepy dolls. Secondly, did I mention it's a DOLL we're talking about?

At least, it appears to only be a doll. But perhaps, it - or rather, he - is something much more sinister. If you have yet to check out the chilling trailer for The Boy, be sure to do so. But we warn you...something strange is definitely afoot.

Courtesy STX Films, we have an exclusive new video showing off one of these eerie rules. It is ESSENTIAL that you wake up Brahms (our super creepy doll/boy?) right at 7am and dressing him every morning - just like you might for a real boy.

Ummm...yes, Brahms. Will do. Crazy as it sounds, this might be the only way to keep the evil at bay.

And that's just one of the 7 rules you definitely don't want to break. Here they are together, just in case you come across Brahms for yourself.

Rule #1: No Boyfriends
Rule #2: Dress Him Each Morning
Rule #3: Kiss Him Goodnight
Rule #4: Never Leave Him Alone
Rule #5: Never Go in the Attic
Rule #6: Help With Studies
Rule #7: Never Cover His Face

The Boy hits theaters January 22, 2016. I guarantee we won't be looking at nannying the same way ever again. You never know just how malicious a child - living or inanimate - can really be.


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