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Both known and forgotten horror films of the 20th Century
Janna Dk MacDonald-Walsh

Once again, Quentin Tarantino has created on story told with no care of what anyone else will think, just a story baring warts and all.... And once again, it was awesome! A general overview of the film is it's set during the late 1880's, in Wyoming during a horrible blizzard. A group of strangers, who got caught up in the storm, are now in a log cabin, and will have to wait the next few days. This group of people, however, is not your usually group of people, one is a bounty hunter, one is his prisoners, and the rest have their secrets that will soon cause a lot of mayhem. With a long, complicated story with complicated with characters, I won't go into too much detail, because it would give too much away but it is truly interesting story that will have your eyes glued to the screen for the nearly three hour running time. Like all of Tarantino's films, it is an acquired taste because of some of the dialogue that takes place in the film, but the deliverance and the performances are extremely well done, and the hateful chemistry among all the actors is perfection. Costume and wardrobe is outstanding in the film, with none being out of date, or a head of the time frame that was given in the story. One other thing I like about the wardrobe is that anyone who was hateful in the film wore dark colors to represent their shady personalities, while anyone who wasn't hateful wore brighter colors. There is almost no action within the film, instead the film concentrates on the characters themselves and their hateful ways. The only complaint that I have about the film is the length, there some areas of the story I felt could have been a bit shorter, while not taking away from the story. Amazing film, go check it out!


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